‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Explains His Key to Success in Competitive Mining

by Samantha Whidden

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel reveals how he has managed to remain successful when it comes to competitive mining. 

During a recent interview with Malestrom, the Gold Rush star states one of the reasons why he’s successful in competitive mining is because he has not been complacent. “We always try to find the next thing or the next person that’s going to improve the business and make things run better and smarter,” Schnabel explains. 

Schnabel then reveals that the Gold Rush crew is always trying to continue improving. “It’s not just about one idea or one way of doing things, it’s a constant improvement.”

Schanbel also reveals what is his career highlight so far. “I’d say overall the first time I went out to Dawson was really enjoyable and getting to know everyone there,” the reality TV star recalls. He also states that the Dawson mining community is wonderful and made up of some of the best people in the world. 

“I’m really glad to have become, or feel like I’m becoming part of that,” he adds.

Schnabel has been on Gold Rush since its debut in 2010. According to his bio, he was given the Schnabel family mine at Big Nugget when he was 16-years-old. Instead of attending college, Schnabel used his college fund to set up his own mining operations. He notably found 1029oz of gold in his rookie season in the Klondike. 

‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Recalls What Got Him Started In Mining

Also during his interview with Minestrom, Schnabel recalls how he got started in mining when he was 15. “You know it wasn’t too difficult because I did really enjoy it,” the Gold Rush star states. “In the early years, I had a lot of fun doing the show and learning how to mine. It was a struggle, but it was also fun.”

When asked what was the biggest challenge he faced in mining, Schnabel reveals that it’s very hard to balance the business with everything being on camera through the series. “It’s all your mistakes being in the spotlight like that.”

The Gold Rush star then reveals what was the strangest thing he has ever dug up, which was mammoth tusks. “They’re preserved because they’ve ivory and they were buried in the permafrost so the weather doesn’t really get to them.”

“I usually keep [the tusks],” Schnabel further comments. He also says that miners are allowed to sell the tusks, they just need a couple of permits to export them out of the territory. “I think they’re so cool, I had to keep them.”

In regards to why Gold Rush is just so popular, Schnabel claims he doesn’t have an answer to that question. “It’s definitely a show that has all the right elements for something to be appealing. There’s a huge amount of hard work, there’s a huge amount of uncertainty.”