‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Faces a Dilemma in New Preview

by Courtney Blackann

“Gold Rush’s” Parker Schnabel may be in over his head. The 27-year-old miner is known for being ambitious and determined when it comes to sifting that pay dirt and bringing home the goods. However, this season he’s behind. He’s run out of ground and he’s taking a huge gamble with Mud Mountain.

In a preview for a new episode, the “Gold Rush” star expresses some frustrations with his efforts so far. He’s set up on Mud Mountain, a 60 foot cut of ground, per TV Shows Ace. And while he’s hoping to find 8,000 ounces of golden flakes, the miner has only collected a disappointing 200. This is giving him some cause for concern.

Gold miners are used to the gamble. No gold is guaranteed. And while Schnabel is young, he’s typically been successful when he makes a decision for his team.

In the clip, Schnabel expresses his doubt, worries and game plan. He has just weeks before the winter arrives and the season will end. And he has to produce enough to cover all his costs and crew.

“Gold Rush” Star Struggles with Season Ending Soon

“I just got back from Alaska, and that went decent,” Schnabel says. “We did our first cleanup there in the Klondike, Mud Mountain, and it was not great. So that’s not even good.”

He also adds:

 “At only an ounce or two an hour, it’s definitely not looking too promising yet, so it better pick up because we spent a lot of money stripping that.

His crew member and foreman Mitch Blaschke also gives his take on the situation.

 “Mud Mountain is the deepest cut that we’ve done so far to date, and we’ve put a lot of money and time into it. We’re going to need to have consistently good cleanups here and some really good ones to pay for this,” Blaschke says.

“Gold Rush” showcases the obstacles miners face each season. The ground is hardened and the work is long. There’s a price to pay for striking it big in the far north. And yet Schnabel has been one of the most successful of the teams. But, as we mentioned, nothing is guaranteed. And Schnabel’s concerns are a real issue.

“Even though Big Red’s not doing great, Sluicifer continues to do all right, at Ken and Stewart’s,
and they’re just about done with the good cut we’re about to go to the bad cut. So I hope Ken’s wrong about that because if that’s the good stuff, then the bad stuff’s going to be really bad,” Schnabel says in the clip.

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