‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Gets His ‘Golden Touch’ From Grandpa in New Preview

by Victoria Santiago

We already know that Parker Schnabel is amazing at finding gold, but just how much gold are we talking about here? We got a sneak peek of tonight’s special episode of Gold Rush. In a 2-minute clip shared to Twitter, we see what looks to be the end of Schnabel’s season. Everything has frozen over, and it doesn’t look like there’s much gold to be found.

The Schnabel crew is nervous. As they’re checking the concentrate for bits of gold, we hear Schnabel say: “Certainly isn’t any nuggets, that’s for sure.” However, after a hunch, he and his crew decide to double-check for gold in the jig. They hoped that gold had blown into the jig from the sluices. As it turns out, their hunch was right. As they begin to dig around, they start finding bits of gold. One flat piece of gold turns into two pieces, and eventually turns into three pieces. All because of a hunch they had.

This is an old clip, of course, but it showcases how the Schnabel men find gold where they least expect it. Since the original filming of the clip, Parker’s grandfather John has sadly passed away.

“Grandpa Schnabel was right about Big Nugget Mine. Did Parker inherit his golden touch? It’s Flashback Friday tonight at 8P on a special #GoldRush on @Discovery and @discoveryplus.”

Parker Schnabel Learned A Lot From His Late Grandfather and Wishes He Could Learn More

During his lifetime, John and Parker were incredibly close. He’s the whole reason that Parker Schnabel decided to get into gold mining. He didn’t immediately branch off on his own and become successful, though. Parker had to learn the ropes first, and the best person to teach him was his grandfather. He learned everything he could about gold mining from John. In the clip above, we see that John always trusted his intuition when it came to finding gold. Parker is much the same. He has a knack for finding thousands of ounces of gold, even when other teams have no such luck.

John’s death in 2016 was obviously devastating for the whole family, Parker Schnabel included. When asked by a fan if there was anything he wished he could’ve learned from his grandfather, Parker didn’t immediately have an answer. “I had a really good relationship with my grandpa. And we talked about all sorts of things,” he answered. “And I don’t really have what I would consider any unresolved issues or ‘I wish I would’ve known this, I wish I would’ve known that.'”

Overall, he felt like he got the most he could out of his relationship with his grandfather. Business-wise, he certainly learned a lot. However, there was one thing that Parker wished he had paid more attention to during their time together. “I would’ve just been more curious about what normal days were like on a sawmill in 1940 or 1941 when he was 21 or 22,” Parker said. They might not have talked about what working in a sawmill was like, but it’s clear that the two had a special relationship that will help Parker throughout his time as a gold miner and beyond.