‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Named the Mining Experience That Was Like Being in Dawson City Gold Rush

by Thad Mitchell

The hit Discovery Channel reality series “Gold Rush” is back for a brand new season and fans of the show couldn’t be any happier.

One of the many stars of “Gold Rush” is gold miner Parker Schnabel who also happens to be a favorite of the show’s fans. Schnabel has been a member of the “Gold Rush” cast for several years and is one of the show’s top draws. The experienced miner knows the ins and out of the gold-digging business and it shines through on the reality show. Schnabel was just a young kid when the show got its start a little over a decade ago.

Fans of “Gold Rush” got to see Parker grow up right in front of them and turn into one of the most successful gold miners in the world. While the reality series shows gold mining efforts around the world, it focuses mainly on the Dawson City, Yukon, Canada area. Schnable has been so successful in mining gold that he now has his own spinoff series “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” which also airs on Discovery.

The “Gold Rush” spinoff sees Parker and his crew head to South America where the challenges are many. In addition to the usual rigors of a gold mining operation, the team must deal with a jungle climate among other issues. In a recent interview with Fox News, Schnabel talks about the difference in mining operations he has been through. There have been plenty of ups and downs for the crew but they remain committed to the work they are doing.

“It’s unreal,” the “Gold Rush” star says. “It’s like being in the Dawson city gold rush 120 years ago.”

Schnabel went on to talk about the differences in the environment that he and his team now face.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Talks Gold Mining Challenges in South Africa

Schnabel was rather blunt when talking about the differences in mining locations and the challenges it presents.

“The big thing is with the heat and the jungle environment,” he says. There are all sorts of things that will maim and or kill you.”

Despite these new challenges, if the “Gold Rush” team can strike it big in South America — it will be well worth the effort. Schnabel says despite the worlds of difference, the process and end result remain the same.

“At our mining site, we’ve automated all of that,” he says. “You run big equipment and your object is to do manual labor the least amount possible. But in South America, and Guyana in particular, it is all manual labor. Everything that happens is moved by hand, almost. Though there are some excavators.”

The “Gold Rush” team hopes to strike it rich in their new mining territory. Doing so will make all the trials and tribulations worth the effort.