‘Gold Rush’ Previews ‘Sluicifer’ in Action in Intense Clip Ahead of Friday’s New Episode

by Amy Myers

Moving equipment across a Gold Rush operation is always pretty complex. Nearly every piece of machinery is massive, especially the wash plants. So, when Parker Schnabel’s team needed to move “Sluicifer” from the Good Cut to the Bad Cut on the property, they needed to get a bit creative.

There were two obstacles that the Gold Rush team faced before they could even think about moving Sluicifer. The first was the issue of time and the second was of available equipment. Apparently, with the time crunch they were on, the crew couldn’t spare any of their larger vehicles to haul the wash plant. So, they had to use a smaller excavator to do the job. Needless to say, with such precious cargo, they needed an experienced driver at the wheel.

Thankfully, Tyson Lee, the plant boss, was available for the job. Once they hitched Sluicifer, the Gold Rush star eased the excavator forward. Even when he wavered dangerously above a drop in the road, Lee kept a steady foot on the gas and inched forward. Once in place, they welded the belt feeder to the wash plant and started her up.

Now, they could start making money again.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Speak Out About Their Feud

As we’ve seen, the problems Parker Schnabel faces on Gold Rush don’t just end with equipment. The young mine boss has butted heads with plenty of the other stars on the show, most notably Todd Hoffman.

Earlier in the series, a feud developed between Hoffman, a mine boss with some risky techniques, and Schnabel, a young hot-head with a literal mountain of success behind him. From the perspective of Gold Rush fans, the tension that grew between the two mine bosses began when the two started talking smack about each other to the cameras. Over time, the altercations became a bit more direct.

“I remember when Parker started saying some things about me,” Hoffman shared during the Gold Rush spin-off, The Dirt. “Things that you see afterward – you see them play out, and you don’t wanna get into that TV stuff. And at some point, you realize, we’re just apples and oranges.”

Meanwhile, Schnabel apparently had a more amicable view of their relationship.

“For me, I thought it was just a friendly competition between Todd and I,” the Gold Rush star said.

However, now that he’s a bit older, Schnabel recognizes how Hoffman might not view the situation so favorably.

“But the thing I took away from sitting down with Todd… is that Todd really doesn’t like me, which I’m not sure if that means I’ve done something right or done something wrong,” Schnabel shared. “He has a very personal dislike for me. I don’t know if I should go so far as to say hatred but it borderlines on that.”