‘Gold Rush’ Is Ready To Get To Work in Awesome Season 12 Trailer

by Joe Rutland

“Gold Rush” fans, the night you have been waiting for is fast approaching. Season 12 kicks off on Friday night, Sept. 24.

Before that time, though, the Discovery Channel show has a one-minute trailer. It features Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets among those team captains out mining for gold in the Yukon area of Canada.

This little slice of scenes from “Gold Rush” and its 12th season is going to make fans happy. What a season for this show’s dedicated fanbase.

Take a look at what Discovery offered fans as a pre-opening night taste.

All pedals to the metal? Mercy. Get your smelling salts ready, “Gold Rush” fans. This might be a season for the books as the miners go for the gold.

Gold in the land, that is. As you can see, Schnabel and Beets are shown in quick snippets among the collage of scenes.

Schnabel has been on the show for all of its 11 previous seasons. Beets also has been a key player on
“Gold Rush” over the years, too.

Fans know they will get some excitement when it comes to watching these men mining. It’s a long, arduous process that shows these men and others in the middle of a competitive gold mining experience.

You might just get a rush while watching “Gold Rush” on Friday nights.

Speaking of Friday nights, make your Season 12 reservations right now as this series kicks off another round of shows at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m Central. Maybe you can pick a miner to follow closely this season and see how he finishes at the end.

‘Gold Rush’ Crews Do Not Use Explosives On Their Mining Land

With all the use of heavy machinery like excavators, fans that watch “Gold Mine” might ask why they don’t use explosives.

It makes sense that using them could break up chunks of land for the miners’ work.

So we turn to a Reddit thread for some answers. Redditor u/-nuf- asked, “Could anyone enlighten me why they don’t use explosives to break up permafrost ground? Is it a cost thing or regulations or would the drilling take too long?”

Here comes a reason or two why “Gold Rush” prospectors do not do so.

UnfilteredGarbage, another Redditor, says, “It’s expensive as f***. I used to work a blasting job. You’d work all day drilling and filling holes to blast a few thousand yards. Probably a days worth of dirt for them.”

There you go. Also, Beets has said that the 10 percent profit miners sought would please the miners. But blasting would “suck that down fast,” pinpoints u/PineWind108. “Then, even after they’d broken up the frozen ground, if that was their pay-dirt, they’d still have to thaw it.”