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‘Gold Rush’: The ‘Realness’ of the Reality Series Sparks Discussion Among Fans

by Jon D. B.
[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] The Discovery channel's highest rated Series called Gold Rush features, amongst other players, Parker Schnabel a 17 year old who is in charge of the Big Nugget mine on Porcupine creek near Haines Alaska. Parker has worked in his grandpa's Big Nugget mine since his feet could touch the pedals of mining equipment, but he now runs the operation. (Getty Images)

Is Gold Rush bringing the “realness”? Fans want to know, and they’re offering some pretty convincing theories both ways this week.

Right off the bat, we’re discussing a reality TV show here, people. A great one with a lot more “realness” than most, sure, but still a television show. So when fans begin breaking down just how much is true vs false – it’s honestly much more of a gray area than it will ever be black vs white.

But should this stop us from ever discussing one of our favorite shows? Of course not! If anything, it makes said discussion all the better. As such, Gold Rush fans are lighting up the show’s board on Reddit Monday with plenty of pros and cons for Discovery’s mining franchise.

To kick off the debate, Redditor elRaviolo_2 asks straight up: “Is this show fake?”

“I used to love watching this show when I was younger without ever thinking if what happened was real,” they detail. “Of course there is some staged scene and dramatized stuff, but is the show overall fake or not?”

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? At least one Redditor does claim to have worked on the show for “6 years,” so we’ll be sure to include his insight. Outside of that, however, it’s a damn Gold Rush free-for-all.

‘All The S*** With Fred Is Definitely Fake’: ‘Gold Rush’ Fans Rush For Realness

Over 40 fans agree with one top user who says “All the sh** with Fred is definitely fake. Imagine that guy trying to mine without the support of the show. There is [nothing] there…”

Which Fred we talking, pal? Lewis or Hurt? Because I’d advise not speaking about Fred Lewis that way. His beard will kick your butt.

“Imagine going to work for Fred for what was it 3oz of gold?” another scoffs. Painful, but true.

In addition, u/RaulinHox25 says “Parker and Tony’s operations are definitely legit — the drama is fake. Machines breaking down is definitely real lol.”

Gold Rush fan RiceCharacter2249 elaborates that “Tony’s operation is much larger than what they show on tv. Parker’s operation, they always get tonnes of gold, but never show the overhead to get it, must be massive costs involved. It’s not the amount of gold, it’s what it cost you to get it.”

“Yes, agree it would be interesting if they showed the cost of operation and then the NET amount (profit) for each miner. I think that is a better measure of each operation’s efficiency,” Redditor FredFrank78 agrees. While I agree, I have a sad feeling that “interesting” wouldn’t be the right word for a large percentage of Gold Rush viewers.

‘There Are No Scripts’

But the real showdown comes when fans begin accusing Gold Rush of being scripted. After several heated exchanges and bouts of snarky snarkness, u/Something-Sinister comes to the rescue with some snark of his own.

“Sorry to disillusion you but I’ve worked on Gold Rush for 6 years. And Dave Turins Lost Mines for 2 years. There are no scripts,” he says.

Good to know… If you are who you say you are, sir. If only everything on the internet and/or television were true.

Now please enjoy this painful recap of “The worst editing of Gold Rush Season 11″:

Do we thank Gold Rush Redditors for this? Yeesh…