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‘Gold Rush’ Revealed How Parker Schnabel and His Crew Relax After Mining

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images)

So, Outsiders, we bet you want to know how “Gold Rush” miner Parker Schnabel and his crew cool off after mining. We got you covered.

Chris Doumitt talked about it during a 2020 interview for “Gold Rush: The Dirt” on The Discovery Channel. He offered that crew time to come up and chill out a bit. This interview took place around the 10th season of the show.

“The one time where we can get together when we’re doing a gold waist at the end of a week,” Doumitt said. He invites Schnabel and his “Gold Rush” crew up to his cabin for some downtime.

“The guys will show up a little bit early, they’ll have a beer or two, and talk and visit,” he added.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Replied ‘It’s A Sore Subject With Crew’ On Why Doumitt Has The Toys

Doumitt said in the interview that he’s tried to make the Gold Room “a comfort zone.”

“Maybe a dart game will break out or somebody will hit some golf balls,” he said of the “Gold Rush” crew members. “That’s why I have that stuff down there. It’s stress relief.”

Schnabel found himself holding a small, electronic boat in his hands. “I want to try this boat out,” he tells his crew members.

When asked why Doumitt had all the toys, “Gold Rush” star Schnabel said, “It’s a sore subject with the crew. Nobody else has any time to do that kind of stuff.”

About the “dart games taking place, Schnabel said “I used to try and find time to throw 50 darts a day for a while. It only takes like 5 or 10 minutes. It doesn’t take that long.”

Schnabel and his “Gold Rush” crew enjoy the time away from the incessant hunt for more gold. Doumitt offers that space and they take advantage of it.

Schnabel Looked At His Future When It Comes To Mining Gold

After building up quite a personal wealth while mining for gold, an obvious question is how much longer does Schnabel have a desire to do it.

“I have no idea,” the “Gold Rush” star said while talking with The Malestrom. “There’s nobody in business who can say, ‘I’m doing this for the next fifty years.’ I take it as it comes and I’ll still do it as long as I can make money doing it and I enjoy it.”

It appears that Schnabel might be one of those guys who stays real present in a certain moment. “Gold Rush” has been and is a solid performer for The Discovery Channel’s lineup. The show, which started its run on Dec. 3, 2010, has been on the air for 11 seasons.

Give the show a look if you have time. It might lead an Outsider to go off and search for gold in Alaska, too.