‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Explains Whether Crew Members Need Luck or Skill To Be Successful on Show

by Katie Maloney

“Gold Rush” fans know that anything can happen on the show. So, it’s always fun to see when the cast’s big risks pay off in even bigger ways.

So, what does it really take to be a successful gold miner? Does it require great skill, or does luck play a big part in the cast’s success? “Gold Rush” star Rick Ness shared his thoughts during a recent interview.

“I would say it’s probably more skill than luck and more planning than anything, and I think that’s a big part of ‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’,” said Ness. “You’re going to see the kind of planning that goes into it and what it takes to actually have a successful season.”

Ness said that it’s taken a lot of planning and skill on his part since he struck out on his own four years ago.

“Since I’ve gone out on my own — this is my fourth year on my own — this is the first year that I got to return to the same ground that I ended on last year. And that’s because since I went out on my own, I’ve been trying to find a place, the place where I want to set up shop and really get after it,” said Ness.

Ness added that finding a sort of home base to mine can relieve a lot of the unknowns miners face.

“Last year was really the first year that I found that spot, and that gets rid of a whole lot of unknowns,” he said.

What Do ‘Gold Rush’ Stars Have To Think About When Planning Their Mining Season?

During the same interview, Rick Ness shares what a season of planning entails. He says that the crew starts with a specific plan. But, that plan can quickly change as the season progresses.

“It’s a targeted plan in the off-season when you’re going to a new ground that you don’t know much about, and it’s even harder when you’re planning,” said Ness. “The whole first part of your season is moving everything, and there’s really no way to get ahead.”

Ness added that finding the right spot to set up shop is key to the success of a season.

“I’ve always known that, but it’s been necessary to find the right spot.”

Luckily, Ness said that he thinks he’s found his spot.

“I think we finally found the right spot,” said Ness. “We’re here. We’re established. It allowed me to put together a really good game plan for this year. And it allowed us to hit the ground running. And that’s what I want to do every year from now on. I don’t want to move anymore.”