‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Has a Lot to Juggle in New Teaser

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

On Thursday evening, Gold Rush posted a teaser for an upcoming episode that features Rick Ness giving an inside look at his mining operation.

As the teaser begins, host Christo Doyle pays Ness a visit for a crazy weekend with Team Rally. Cameras take fans on an unprecedented behind-the-scenes tour of Ness’s life and his gold mining business. As much hard work goes into the operation, that doesn’t mean Rick and his crew don’t take time to have some fun as well.

The short preview shows the crew taking part in some “Boom Boom,” which is simply the guys shooting off fireworks at night. In addition to his normal crew, there’s a new member in their camp – Rick’s girlfriend.

Then, the teaser shows Doyle, who is also the show’s producer, receiving a crash course in learning how to weld. We guess Doyle’s welding skills weren’t exactly great since he admitted his work looked like “a bird crapped on this thing.” Once again though, it wasn’t all work with no play.

Rick’s crew took a long-awaited day off and hit the lake to test out their newest toy – a new boat. The guys work hard on Gold Rush uncovering hidden treasure in the ground. But as the clip shows, they make sure to balance it with plenty of fun as well. Make sure to tune in to Gold Rush and its after show special The Dirt this Friday to see the boat-riding, beer-guzzling, fireworks-shooting crew live it up.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Revealed the Issues He Had with Rick Ness Starting His Own Company

Gold mining bosses Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness have a long and complicated history on and off Gold Rush. Previous to starting his own mining company, Ness joined the 18-year-old mining prodigy’s team. Over the years, Ness rose through the ranks to become Schnabel’s foreman and right-hand man.

Yet as Ness moved up, their friendship shifted to more of a business-like relationship. In some cases, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. However, for Schnabel and Ness it put a strain on the pair’s working relationship. That led Ness to branch out and create his own mining company. That didn’t sit well with Schnabel, and further tension between the two men followed. In a 2019 interview, Schnabel addressed their split and how Rick’s departure impacted his operation.

“We had two big hurdles to jump this season,” Schnabel shared with The Guide Online. “The first one, of course, we had a foreman, Rick Ness, quit and went out on his own mining. Overcoming that for our business was difficult, and we had to deal with the fallout of that, and I had to figure it all out. It created a bit of a power vacuum that caused some issues as you guys will see on the show.”