‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel Revealed Embarrassing Moments While Filming

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

We all have those embarrassing moments that we hope no one ever sees. For Gold Rush stars Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel, unfortunately, the cameras capture just about every part of their day. So, when something embarrassing happens, like toilet paper stuck to your shoe or backing over your own car, chances are, the world’s going to see it.

At this point in their careers, Schnabel and Ness are used to having the cameras capture every detail of their work lives. Millionaires or not, though, Schnabel and Ness are still human, and likely, there’s at least one instance that they wish they could delete from the show. Schnabel, the youngest member of Gold Rush, told Entrepreneur that he often doesn’t get embarrassed – well, most of the time.

“Oh wait, I backed into a conveyor in my pickup this summer and destroyed a part that had just gotten replaced — for the second time!” Schnabel shared.

Meanwhile, Ness’ embarrassing moment comes from a time when he lost control of his temper with an employee. Usually the calm and cool boss, the Gold Rush star seemed to surprise even himself with the outburst. Apparently, camera crews caught the star, “screaming at the top of my lungs at somebody.”

“That’ll be interesting to see because that is not natural to me,” Ness explained.

As seasoned and successful mine bosses, their success no doubt outweighs some of the amateur mistakes they’ve made in the past. So, even when there is that rare mortifying moment that makes it to air, they’ve learned to just roll with it. Now, with 11 seasons of Gold Rush and several spinoffs, there’s nothing that these two haven’t done or haven’t seen on the job.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Frequently Bickered at Job Sites

Along with embarrassing moments, there were also plenty of heated moments on Gold Rush between Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness. Though the two are certainly friends, they were also coworkers at a high-stress job. When small mistakes can cost them millions, friendship comes second to business. Likely, that’s part of the reason Ness decided to become a boss of his own.

With Schnabel as a boss, disagreements quickly turned into verbal spats between the two. Schnabel is a self-admitted “yeller,” while Ness tends to be more level-headed about issues. In a past episode of Gold Rush, the two friends express their frustrations with each other while at a Panama Canal site.

Ness, who previously told Schnabel he could complete the job on his own, recruited four other workers onto the site. Since Schnabel was funding the project, he wasn’t happy with Ness’ defensive demeanor once he arrived.

“It’s just ’cause I don’t know which Parker I’m going to get when you show up,” Ness told the fellow Gold Rush star.

“The Parker is the Parker that wants to make money,” Schnabel told him.

Even now as competitors, the two don’t let any disagreements on the job affect their personal relationships. Now as two separate mine bosses, the two fight less and earn more.