‘Gold Rush’: Rick’s Pan for Gold Leads to Results

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

The gold mining season comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Rick Ness has found a potential jackpot dig site on Gold Rush.

If this spot is as profitable as Rick thinks it is, then it is going to be one of his best spots ever. There aren’t many moments when you can say that you have rinsed out the best pan of your entire life. But, that’s exactly what Ness said after taking a pan from Duncan Creek.

He had his crew digging there because he suspected there would be some gold. However, when they hit some creek rocks 30 feet sooner than expected, he got curious. He went over with a pan and started to take some earth and material out of the area.

Check out the video below and see what the Gold Rush star found after he rinsed his pan out.

Rick Ness has not been known as the high gold earner during his time on Gold Rush. Parker Schnabel seems to always be breaking records nowadays. And Tony Beets has a lot of experience. It’s a complicated but tough competition out there. This pan might lead to big results.

The only issue seems to be getting a sluice and equipment over to the area. He has his guys set up somewhere else. So, getting an operation going at that Duncan Creek location will be very important. In the video, he found “25 colors.” That means about 25 noticeable and significant pieces of gold. They formed a small pile in the pan. It was very interesting if his best pan ever produces the most gold ever.

Gold Rush this season has had a few surprises and big moments so far. How many more will we see?

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Take It Hard on Fred Lewis

There are fans of Gold Rush that like Parker. Those that like Rick. And you better believe Tony Beets has a fanbase. However, out of all of the personalities, one is the most hated. It isn’t clear why, I mean folks give their reasons, but it’s still strange to see.

Fred Lewis and his Misfits Mining crew have not been well received by the fanbase it seems. There are fans that like them, Then there are fans that hate them. He gets a lot of posts and comments on social media that he sees every single day. Even direct messages. During an episode of The Dirt, he read one of those messages.

It really is a shame they get so much hate. They are just going the best that they can with what they have. Even if they are there just for the TV drama aspect of things, they are people. Some folks just take things way too far and say things that no one should say to another person.