‘Gold Rush’: See First Look at Upcoming Spinoff Show ‘Winter’s Fortune’

by Keeli Parkey

Get ready “Gold Rush” fans! A new spinoff is ready to strike gold again!

That spinoff is the new Discovery series, “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.” While the series might be new, the people at the heart of it will be familiar to fans who have watched other shows in the franchise.

An online trailer shared by Entertainment Weekly is giving fans a look at the new series where their favorite miners battle the cold elements – and each other – to make their fortunes. An important part of their efforts is finding lands where they can prospect. The new spinoff will follow the miners as they buy land. They will also need to acquire permits to mine that land in time for their coming season. Making the search for land more difficult is the fact that the price of gold has recently risen.

“When one gold mining season ends, the fight for the next begins,” a voiceover in the trailer says as we watch the miners struggle against the harsh conditions.

“Soaring gold prices pits miners against each other as they battle Mother Nature over the frozen winter months,” the voiceover later says. “… For those who want to hit it big, the race starts now.”

‘Gold Rush’ Miners Share Their Thoughts During Trailer for New Spinoff Series

The trailer also features a few comments from the miners themselves. For example, miner Tony Beets, who is referred to as the “King of the Klondike” in the trailer says: “If you want to be successful, you better be ready to do the battle.”

Beets has set a major goal for his mining season. “We want 9,000 ounces this year,” he says. “Let’s get buying bigger.” He is said to be spending millions on new machinery in what has been described as a “risky” move.

Also, Dave Turin talks briefly about the importance of finding land where he can mine for gold in the “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” trailer. Doing so is a very important goal of his in the spinoff.

“This offseason is critical that I find the ground,” Turin explains. “If I don’t find the ground soon, that’s the biggest risk.”

Miner Dustin Hurt shares his thoughts on the risks he and his fellow miners take to find gold. One storyline fans will get to see is Hurt’s concerns over how landslides in Haines have impacted his gold-finding prospects.

“We’re going to find some more gold,” Hurt says. “What we do is dangerous, but it’s just something you have to do.”

Miner Fred Lewis will also be featured in the new series. He is a newcomer to mining and he will try to get his family and fellow veterans to join him in his search. Miner Rick Ness is also competing to find gold.

The first episode of “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” aired on Friday, July 30. The series airs on Discovery and also on discovery+. If you can’t get enough “Gold Rush,” you can also check out one of its other spinoff series. These include “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” and “Gold Rush: The Jungle,” just to name a few.