‘Gold Rush’: Sleuth-Like Fans Find Out if Tony Beet’s Water License Has Been Renewed

by Jon D. B.

With Tony Beets’ Gold Rush operation buying up equipment as they are, surely his Indian River water license has been renewed, right? Right?

It’s the question on every fan’s mind. Both Tony and Parker have had a lot of trouble with their water licenses in Gold Rush seasons past. Which surely means they’d have it all under control by now. According to sharp fans on Reddit, however, this is not the case. Let’s dive in.

Was Tony’s Water License for the Indian River Renewed?

“I haven’t seen any updates on here in a few months,” posts Redditor Mark2201. “Tony is buying all of this equipment based on the possibility of it getting renewed. We should know by now if it’s been renewed since they are in the middle of their season.

Mark, as we’ll call this Gold Rush-sleuth-extraordinaire, has tracked down Tony’s application number: PM18-066. “You can log on as a guest to see the details,” he says.

So what’s the bottom line from all these documents and charts? According to Mark’s sleuthing, “The latest document is an information request. It looks like its not going to get approved in time for the 2021 season.”

C’mon, Tony! “This has been going on for such a long time, why is this?” asks fellow Redditor userid1985. “Is it just to do with the local authority/council. You would think a paperwork exercise wouldn’t take years to sort out.”

While it seems like the government may be at fault here, from what Gold Rush has shown us – and fans are still observing – it looks like The King of the Klondike is getting a real headache out of this ordeal.

‘Gold Rush’: Tony Needs to Get His Beets Together

So what gives? Filing any permits, grants, or the like of this nature can require dozens of hoops. The steep costs can be even more crippling. It is a necessity regardless, though, and Tony Beets simply doesn’t seem to want to play ball the traditional way. It’s too damn expensive!

“I’ve read through some of the requests that the water board has sent to Tony and it seems like he’s been doing it on his own instead of hiring professional help. Which sounds a lot like Tony,” echoes Redditor KingBird999. “I’m not going to pay someone $10,000 when I can do it myself,” he says of Beets’ thought process.

“The current situation is that the last time they requested more information, he sent them information and also asked them to issue a temporary license and gave them information on what he wanted for that license (see the OP’s edit above),” KingBird continues.

Unfortunately, Dawson City and Yukon Water Board don’t allow this. As a result, all of Tony’s information for his Gold Rush operations and permits are “scrambled up and causing even more delays.”

“Basically, they are saying ‘You’ve submitted 2 applications saying different things. The process is the same for both, no special treatment. Which do you want us to consider?’ KingBird clarifies.

“If he has hired someone in the first place, he, most likely, wouldn’t be in this position.”

Well, there we have it, Gold Rush fans. Will Tony Beets have it all sorted by Season 12? We’ll find out soon enough.