‘Gold Rush’ Spin-Off Features Todd Hoffman’s Long-Awaited Return

by Amy Myers

After a three-year hiatus away from the mines, Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman is back, and he’s ready to make up for his past mistakes. Many fans thought they’d seen the last of Hoffman after he left the show to pursue a career in music. However, the call to gold was just too strong for the aspiring singer to ignore. So, he decided to pick up his hardhat and vest and grabbed a few family members to join him. Previously, Hoffman expressed that he derives inspiration from the American Dream and the ability to make something out of nothing. This season is the last chance Hoffman will have to make sure his family is set for the rest of his life.

Despite Hoffman’s return to the Gold Rush franchise, he won’t be competing alongside Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness and Tony Beets. Instead, he’ll have his own spin-off called Hoffman Family Gold. While the mainstage trio will continue to dig for gold in Yukon, Hoffman will be a little further west in Alaska. Here, the Gold Rush star is pursuing a unique opportunity north of the city of Nome.

Take a look at the exclusive trailer here.

It wouldn’t be a Hoffman project if there wasn’t a huge risk involved. In the past, Hoffman has placed some risky wagers on land that ended up yielding little metal. At one point, the Gold Rush star’s bets caused a brawl between two of his teammates. Meanwhile, other miners were no strangers to unstable paychecks with Hoffman as a boss. When the star found gold, it was an impressive bounty. However, these victories tended to be few and far between, leaving Hoffman and his crew to rely on past victories to supplement their lack of income.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Recruits Veteran Miners to Join His Team

Hoffman will be rolling the dice again, as he’s sunk his entire life savings into the new location in Alaska. The distressed mine encompasses almost 2,500 acres of land, giving Hoffman plenty of room to explore. However, with only old, worn-out equipment at his disposal, the Gold Rush star’s chances are still minimal.

Determined as ever to reclaim his reputation, though, Hoffman has rounded up an impressive crew. Of course, the most important members of the Gold Rush star’s new gang are ones that share his last name. Father Jack and son Hunter will be among the miners working beside Hoffman in Alaska. Besides his own bloodline, Hoffman also recruited several seasoned workers to replace the less experienced members of his previous team. Hopefully, Hoffman’s skillful crew will counteract the obstacles he faces with his run-down machinery.

According to Discovery, Hoffman Family Gold will kick off in early 2022. Until then, Gold Rush fans can enjoy the main storyline, which aired on September 24.