‘Gold Rush’ Star Brennan Ruault Looks Back on ‘Huge Undertaking’ Featured in Latest Episode

by Amy Myers

Gold Rush star Brennan Ruault has been working hard to ensure his equipment is in top shape for mining season. Recently, Ruault has posted a few photos of his crew while they crowd around their gigantic Komatsu 475a dozer. Even though mining season doesn’t begin for a few more weeks, Rick Ness’ trustworthy crew is already missing the action. Likely, the team will start prepping their equipment soon. And with how many malfunctions the Gold Rush team experienced last season, they definitely need the reassurance.

Ruault shared a few pictures from his team’s past exploits, noting how quickly time has passed since then. He admitted that last season wasn’t all giggles and grins, but in the end, they survived.

“The big boy is coming out to play in the sand box this season! How was this almost a year ago already??? Safe to say this was a huge undertaking to put together and @rosko555 and me had a few screaming matches hahaha got’er done tho…… make sure you tune into discovery tonight @goldrushtv will be on up here in Canada @tayntonbayspirits @komatsuforestofficial,” Ruault said.

Fans are just as excited as the Gold Rush stars for the next season.

“When do you guys start spoiling up for the next season? I love the show and wish I could come dig with ya’ll,” one fan wrote in the comments of Ruault’s post.

“Rad tools required,” added another.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Explains How Pandemic Affected His Operation

Of course, within the past few years, the Gold Rush stars have dealt with quite a few new obstacles because of the pandemic. Just like for so many workers all over the world, Covid turned the mining industry on its head, forcing the show’s stars to rethink crucial aspects of their operation.

And according to Rick Ness, they’re still feeling the effects today.

“COVID still plays a factor in this show, up here, unfortunately,” he said, regarding the show’s location in Alaska. “And that that’s just the way of the world right now. [Familiar] people are coming back, and some aren’t, unfortunately. That’s just the way of the world these days.”

The pandemic has made it especially difficult to maintain his crew. Apparently, Ness has had to find a few quick replacements when his regular staff members couldn’t come back to work.

“There are some unfortunate circumstances where a person or two that people probably know won’t be around this year,” Ness said. “I’ve had to get some replacements in, but it’s working well. So I don’t think anybody will be disappointed too much by that once we get going, and there are some machine additions to the fleet this year that I think people will be pretty impressed with seeing.”