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‘Gold Rush’ Star Dustin Hurt Battles Raging White Waters in New Sneak Peek

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Don & Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Along McKinely Creek, Gold Rush star Dustin Hurt and his teams are working fiercely against the power of nature. The white water pro has recruited two separate crews and two separate dredges to dig up twice the amount of gold. The only problem is that sometimes, the lay of the land doesn’t allow for that many people or equipment.

Despite the potential dangers, Hurt and his Gold Rush team are more determined than ever to beat their past gold count, come hell or high water. The show released a clip ahead of tonight’s episode of the White Water spinoff series that stars Hurt and his cohorts.

Take a look at some of the challenges that the team will have to face in the clip below.

While the crews continued to face one force of nature to the next, Hurt expressed his concerns about his choice in teammates. Previously, Fred Hurt was the brains of the operation. However, now that he’s getting a bit older, the Gold Rush father has decided to step back from the spotlight and let Dustin take control.

“I hope there’s a lot of gold down there, and I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that these are the right people to help me get down to it,” the Gold Rush mine boss said.

‘Gold Rush’ Team Just Barely Escapes Rockslide Overhead

Even in the face of class five rapids, the Gold Rush team has no shortage of experts. Joining them for the first time is Kayla Johanson, who despite being new to the show is no novice at gold dredging. As the crew continues to fight against the rushing rapids, she calmly puts on her gear and prepares to dive for metal.

“Someone’s gotta show the boys how to do it,” Johanson said as she easily scaled a thin wall of rocks. “Two dredges means two divers. Two divers means more gold.”

Meanwhile, as the crews rig up their pully system and drop the dredges into the water, it almost seemed too good to be true – until it was. Suddenly, the Gold Rush teams heard the ominous rumble of falling rocks. It started as debris but then quickly turned into concussion-causing stones and boulders.

Frantically, the teams hurried out of the way of the rockslide’s path, ditching their expensive equipment as they hurried down the hillside.

“So many problems that I never had to deal with,” Hurt said, following the incident.

But if Hurt’s father, Fred, has taught the fellow gold dredger anything, it’s to work through his problems. In the past, the Gold Rush star has come up with some creative solutions to the team’s problems and finished the season with plenty of gold to his name. Now, as the man in charge, Hurt will have to muster that same creative energy again.