‘Gold Rush’ Star Explains Why Show Has Been Able to Last as Long as It Has: ‘A Lot of Risk’

by Amy Myers

While gold mining has been a part of North American history for centuries, the Discovery reality series, Gold Rush has unearthed a newfound appreciation for the line of work. Similar to other shows on the network, this series follows the daily lives of gold miners as they navigate through the challenges and dangers of their job to find that coveted supply of metal underground. One of the show’s most successful miners is the youngest on the show–27-year-old Parker Schnabel.

When Schnabel first began on the series, he was just a young buck at only 15 years old. He cut his teeth on his grandfather’s mining company in Alaska. Since then, he joined the big dogs in Klondike, Yukon to not only earn a paycheck but also earn recognition as one of the best miners in the business. Currently, his net worth racks up to a whopping $10 million.

With all of his success, it’s no wonder why Gold Rush fans love to watch Schnabel do what he does best. But according to the reality star, it’s not his individual success that keeps viewers tuning back in each week. Rather, it’s the high-stakes nature of the job.

“It’s definitely a show that has all the right elements for something to be really appealing. There’s a huge amount of hard work, there’s a huge amount of uncertainty,” the Gold Rush star explained. “There’s also a lot of risk and a lot of reward. So it’s got all of those elements that make something appealing. But then so do a lot of the shows that are commissioned every day that aren’t nearly as successful, so who knows? It’s tough to say.”

Discovery Fans Crave Suspense As Seen on ‘Gold Rush’

Schnabel makes a good point in regards to the risk factor on Gold Rush. There are absolutely no guarantees on each episode. And the fact that these men and women depend on their findings to make ends meet only adds to the suspense. Fans with 9-to-5 jobs at a desk live in a totally different world than the gold miners on the show. Watching Schnabel and his co-stars work offers a sense of thrill and excitement that might not be possible in the fans’ occupation.

With that in mind, it’s pretty likely that the fans of Gold Rush also watch other high-risk Discovery shows like Deadliest Catch and Alaska: The Last Frontier. Like Schnabel’s show, these series follow the lives of people with difficult occupations, like deep-sea fishing and isolated farming. Not everyone is as brave as these stars to take on the challenges of these industries every day, which is why watching them work is so fascinating and even inspiring.

No matter what the outcome at the end of the day, the Discovery channel reality stars always dust of their boots and try again the next day. Perhaps along with the “risk” and “reward” that Schnabel refers to, this is the reason why Gold Rush has been such a successful show.