‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis Reveals His Family History Includes Vikings, Lobster Fishermen

by Amy Myers

Fred Lewis decided to dive deep into his family roots to better understand where he got the gold fever from. Typically, we can find the Gold Rush star combing through the riverbeds in Oregon for any gold nuggets underneath. He and his team have done fairly well well in spite of the seemingly constant obstacles they’ve faced. But when he’s not at the operation directing his team, he’s researching his family’s origins.

And apparently, the results are pretty “boring,” according to the Gold Rush boss.

On Instagram, Lewis posted a photo of the results from his DNA sample. Most of his family’s origins derive from Europe and the United Kingdom. On the map, Norway Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Germany, Austria, France and Nigeria were all highlighted. From there, his family immigrated to Novia Scotia and then Maine. In response, the Gold Rush star created a narrative of his own to explain how the Lewis’ traveled from one country to the next.

Check out the post here.

“I’m a pretty boring person genetically, I mean ‘A Viking visits Scotland on holiday, makes a baby and then that baby goes to Wales to see his Irish cousin and they run off zoom, hit Nova Scotia but that’s too cold then they found lobster in Maine and Whammy’ Not so diverse but hey I know why the ocean calls me, why I love islands, speak most of these languages, and swear a lot. Plus the beard,” Lewis wrote.

Lewis does indeed have an impressive beard that definitely looks to have some Viking influence. Coupled with his sense of fearlessness and warrior attitude, and the origins seem to add up. But there was one region that the Gold Rush star didn’t include in his story.

“Blimey, I’d love to know how Nigeria fits in to the genetics!” one Gold Rush fan commented on his post.

Lewis responded, “me as well.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Receives Backlash From Fans on Reddit

Meanwhile, fans on social media haven’t been quite as positive regarding Fred Lewis and his team. While Lewis keeps his followers updated on his latest adventures, Gold Rush watchers have been quick to criticize the “Misfit Miners.”

There have been several threads on Reddit dedicated to discussions about Lewis and how often he mentions his past career as a Green Beret medic.

One author of a post even urged Discovery to remove the Gold Rush star from the franchise completely.

“Dump Fred Lewis and his entire crew off Gold Rush. They are a waste of time to watch and an embarrassment to the legit miners working. If you won’t do that…at the very least STOP playing the ‘veteran’ card with them,” the Gold Rush fan wrote.

And this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Check out this video of Lewis reading some of the comments.