‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Makes Biggest Gamble of His Career in Upcoming Season

by Amy Myers

This season, the stakes are even higher for the stars of Gold Rush. Returning on September 24, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, Tony Beets, and Fred Lewis are back at the mines working harder than ever to find the hidden havens of the precious metal. However, as fans of the show know, the more the stars mine in an area, the harder it is to find their next underground source.

Parker Schnabel might be the youngest miner on the show, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s any bit naive. With over twelve years of experience in the industry, Schnabel has earned an impressive reputation on Gold Rush. This year, Schnabel can’t let up. Now that gold prices nearing a record high, success is not an option for the 27-year-old mine boss. Unfortunately, that means he’ll have to make some risky decisions with his equipment and land.

With three other determined miners dominating the grounds of Alaska, Schnabel doesn’t have many options for new territory in the area. Between him and his competitors, the gold miners have already taken most of the easily accessible ground. So, they’ll have to find new sources deeper in the Alaskan brush. But that means Schnabel will have to spend more time and money clearing the area that he can’t guarantee has a profitable source of gold. That’s a tough choice to make.

The Gold Rush star recently found a narrow paystreak that he estimated may be the richest he’s ever mined. In order to get to it, though, he has to dig through 50 feet of dirt. That equates to millions in equipment, fuel, and manpower. With no other foreseeable option, though, Schnabel might just have to roll the dice and hope for the best.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Could Be Making Same Mistake as Former Co-Star Todd Hoffman

If there’s anyone who knew how to through caution to the wind for the sake of gold, it was former Gold Rush star, Todd Hoffman. Although Hoffman has since given up his gold mining career in pursuit of a more musical dream, fans knew him as a miner that wasn’t afraid to take risks – even though sometimes, he really should have been.

Back in season six, Hoffman made a huge gamble when he promised the landowner of McKinnon Creek Claim that he could double their income. Though Hoffman could be seen as an optimistic businessman, many fans thought that this was a negligent decision. By the end of the season, the landlord refuses to give his crew another opportunity to mine the area. With that, the Gold Rush star then heads to Oregon where he again loses big. Shortly after, his crew falls apart and Hoffman decides to leave the show.

This might be an extreme example of what can happen when miners gamble against the odds, but it serves as a good reminder for fellow Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel to keep a level head while making any drastic decisions about his next location. Hopefully, he won’t be the next star to leave for a career in music.