‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Opened Up About His Feud With Todd Hoffman

by Courtney Blackann

Competition is just part of the game when it comes to digging for gold in the far north. The stars of Discovery’s hit “Gold Rush” are no strangers to this type of push and pull. But the popular mine leader Parker Schnabel admits that he feels like it’s personal when it comes to his relationship with Todd Hoffman.

According to Looper, the two have extremely different personalities. Hoffman has the experience behind him and a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. Schnabel is younger, outspoken and innovative. And his competitive nature projected him to the limelight on the series.

However, Hoffman and Schnabel once had a close working relationship – and Schnabel even learned a thing or two from the more experienced “Gold Rush” star. But as the seasons went on, Schnabel’s crew constantly edged Hoffman’s. That’s just the way of it when it comes to the gold mining business. It’s no easy task – and there’s always plenty of risk involved.

It became clear that the two stars butt heads often. And with Schnabel being young and haughty, Hoffman had little patience for the arrogance. The two got into several heated discussions over several episodes – and these things were never resolved.

Hoffman shared his thoughts about the inner workings of the pair’s relationship.

He says, “I remember when Parker started saying some things about me,” Hoffman shared during the “Gold Rush” spin-off. “Things that you see afterward – you see them play out, and you don’t wanna get into that TV stuff. And at some point, you realize, we’re just apples and oranges.”

Parker Schnabel’s Take on the ‘Gold Rush’ Feud

Meanwhile, Schnabel opened up about the apparent feud with his thoughts. He believes that Hoffman more than dislikes his work style. He believes Hoffman has a deep-rooted personal dislike of him.

“For me, I thought it was just a friendly competition between Todd and I. But the thing I took away from sitting down with Todd… is that Todd really doesn’t like me, which I’m not sure if that means I’ve done something right or done something wrong. He has a very personal dislike for me. I don’t know if I should go so far as to say hatred but it borderlines on that,” Schnabel says.

While the two haven’t worked out their issues, they’re doing what they can to be the best in the business. And though the focus of “Gold Rush” has shifted to focus more on Schnabel as a popular character, Hoffman will have his own Discovery show called “The Dirt.”

In the meantime, Schnabel says he will just continue to do what he does best – produce gold. And he’s taking everything he learned from his family, including his late grandfather, and doing it.

Further, Schnabel once spoke about wishing he could have learned more about his grandfather’s life before he passed. He always speaks fondly of the man who taught him so much.

“I had a really good relationship with my grandpa. And we talked about all sorts of things,” he says. “And I don’t really have what I would consider any unresolved issues or ‘I wish I would’ve known this, I wish I would’ve known that.’”