‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Thinks the Stars of the Show Would Have Survived as Original Miners on the Brutal Klondike Trail

by Joe Rutland

“Gold Rush” shows the rough-and-tumble world that gold miners have to deal with in Alaska. Would they have survived on the Klondike Trail?

The question was asked of star Parker Schnabel in a 2017 interview with Maxim. Would they have made it as one of the original miners on the trail? Well, here’s what he said to the question.

“That’s a big question that we always ask ourselves,” Schnabel said. “And I think so. You would have had to be pretty damn tough, but I think the four of us would have made it. We may have eaten James Levelle first so at least the three of us would have made it.”

‘Gold Rush’ Continues To Follow Dangers Miners Face On The Land

Anyone who watches “Gold Rush” will see the dangers that these gold miners, Schnabel included, face out there on the land.

The show has been on the Discovery Channel for 11 seasons. It follows the journeys of Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets as they look to collect the most gold during their mining season. “Gold Rush” originally premiered on Dec. 3, 2010, and has remained a popular show.

While the main show remains a steady part of the Discovery Channel lineup, there have been spin-offs over the years. They include “The Jungle,” “South America,” “Parker’s Trail,” “White Water,” “Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” “Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue,” and “Winter’s Fortune.”

These miners take a lot of risks with their work. Schnabel is aware of them as he’s been out there in the field around Alaska since he was 15 years old.

Viewers Know They Are Watching Type Of Work That Has Lot Of Risk

Because the work is of a high-stakes nature, it keeps bringing viewers back to the show. But Schnabel doesn’t credit for it just being all about himself. It’s not, and avid viewers of “Gold Rush” know this is true.

“It’s definitely a show that has all the right elements for something to be really appealing,” he told The Malestrom in an interview. “There’s a huge amount of hard work, there’s a huge amount of uncertainty. [And] there’s also a lot of risk and a lot of reward.”

“So it’s got all of those elements that make something appealing,” he said. “But then so do a lot of the shows that are commissioned every day that aren’t nearly as successful, so who knows? It’s tough to say.”

“Gold Rush” continues to bring viewers into this world of gold mining. It’s a very captivating sort of show because people are watching these crews put themselves in dangerous spots. As Schnabel said, there is risk and reward involved with what they do on the land.

Sometimes they will strike it rich while other times they’ll come up empty. Watching them go through the journey brings viewers into the bumpy world of mining for gold. “Gold Rush” gives viewers a rush just watching the action take place.