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‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Comes Across a Potential Game Changer

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

When the miners in the Klondike dig a hole, it could mean a big payday. Gold Rush star Tony Beets knows how quickly the game can change. Just when you think a spot is dry, an extra test hole or two could make things drastically different.

It was back in season 10, the Beets family crew was working back up at Paradise Hill. Mike had a feeling that there could be a major load of gold under their feet. The plan was to take a large cut on one side of the claim and begin starting another cut opposite that site. Then, the two would meet in the middle to form a supercut.

The crews on Gold Rush take chances like this all the time. For Tony, a legend in the field, his son Mike insisted they revisit the site. At first, it looked hopeless. Permafrost got in the way and looked like it would shut down the operation. However, they found a way around the frost and hit thawed ground. Check it out below.

The family operation that the Beets’ have is unique and adds a fun layer to the show. Mike and the younger members of the family are trying to make their own way in the industry. Sure, their dad is one of the most experienced miners in the Klondike, but they still have to prove themselves. After they hit the good dirt, Mike made sure to get his props from dad.

In the video, it was said that there could be millions in gold in the ground. If the supercut is successful, and the gold stays consistent throughout the ground, it was estimated to be around 5 million dollars worth of the shiny stuff. That can make or break a crew on Gold Rush.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Battled Frozen Boulder

Although Tony Beets and crew were able to get through the frost in the Gold Rush clip above, it isn’t always that easy. As I mentioned before, there are a lot of risks taken on the show. That’s why the crew decided to run the frozen material through processing. While it could lead to dangerous consequences, it also meant getting gold out of the ground.

The Hunker Cut is meant to get through about anything. However, frozen dirt and rocks can pose big problems. It takes a lot of water to run material through processing and even more to get frozen material through. They had no chance to move the frozen chunk that looked like a small boulder.

It left Kevin Beets frustrated. If that work has to stop because this material messes the Hunker Cut up, then that is money lost. Keeping the operation going at all times is so important. Those that fall behind have to work harder and take more risks, sometimes getting into more trouble than they meant to. Gold Rush continues with new episodes this fall.