‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Loses Out on Major Haul Due to Faulty Equipment

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

During a recent episode of “Gold Rush,” things went from bad to worse for star Tony Beets.

A clip shared by the popular reality series on YouTube on Wednesday, Nov. 17, begins with Beets and his wife, Minnie Beets, feeling very stressed over him not receiving a permit to mine on the Indian River.

“Since it’s not going to be the Indian River this year, we have to find some stuff to do because we have invested what, give or take $5 million. We got 40 people hired.” Beets tells his wife. She, obviously, agrees. “So, we gotta do something,” Minnie tells her husband.

Needless to say, the stakes are high for the “Gold Rush” star and his wife. So, with the Indian River out of the question, Beets still has Paradise Hill to mine for gold. But that is not enough for him to find what he needs to have a successful season.

This leads Tony Beets to suggest to his team that they mine on Hunker Cut. However, as the narrator points out, this area has not been kind to Beets and his team. A flood, frozen ground, and “countless breakdowns” have caused problems for them at this location. One of the team members even described the location as the “Curse Cut.”

“We don’t have much of a choice,” Beets tells his team about going to work at Hunker. So, they go to check things out. “I’m pretty positive we got the pay underneath the water,” the “Gold Rush” star says as he looks over the cut.

A Broken Thermostat Leads to Major Equipment Failure for “Gold Rush” Star Tony Beets and His Team

There are three feet of water sitting over where Tony Beets needs to mine. The first step of his work will be pumping the water from the site to Hunker Creek. He estimates it will take two or three days to remove the water. Beets is hopeful that this plan will help him save his season.

However, his team has to get an important piece of equipment working so when the water is removed. After making repairs they get their Kiwi Plant up and running. Unfortunately, it’s not up and running very long.

“Holy s***!” a frustrated “Gold Rush” star Tony Beets exclaims as the plant malfunctions. “Shut the f****** thing down!”

Beets sends his son and crewmember Kevin Beets to investigate what happened to the plant. “She overheated on us,” Kevin tells his father. The repairs are going to be challenging and require replacing several parts to repair the broken thermostat. It was the broken thermostat that caused the engine to overheat, which warped the cylinder heads.

According to Tony Beets, the repairs could take two or three weeks. That, of course, is not good news when he is trying to save his season. “I thought this Hunker Cut would be a nice, quick, easy little cut,” the “Gold Rush” star says. “But right now, it looks like we’re dead in the f****** water.”

You can watch “Gold Rush” star Tony Beets lose out on a major haul below.