‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Reveals Just How Pricey the Equipment Used on the Show Can Get

by Amy Myers

Gold Rush star Tony Beets knows that to make a lot of money, you have to spend nearly as much, especially in the high-risk high-reward world of mining. As the richest miner on the show, Beets is no fool with his gold. Each time he finds another impressive stash of metal, the mine boss invests much of his profit back into his company. That means spending a lot of money on newer, more efficient equipment that can cost him millions.

While it might be hard to let go of so much money at once, the results speak for themselves. Along with a hefty paycheck, Beets also manages to create an impressive reputation for himself in mining communities, making property owners more willing to take a chance on the seasoned miner.

With hall of his success, revenue and business relationships combined, the Gold Rush star has set up a promising new season for his crew. In an exclusive Discovery clip, the miner revealed that he had doubled his amount of equipment and had plenty of lands to explore. However, the worksite and machinery came with a pretty big price tag.

Beets’ accent might be thick, but fans can clearly hear the Dutch miner reveal that he spent “seven million dollars” on his latest equipment. While that’s a pretty big chunk of the Gold Rush star’s savings, he doesn’t seem too worried about making up for the investment.

“We have enough ground that we can back it up,” Beets explained. “We have use for that equipment.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Reveals What’s Behind Tony Beets’ Tough Exterior

Beets is not the only member of his family digging through the dirt in Yukon. Joining him for another season is his daughter, Monica, who is now pregnant. In the Discovery clip, the Gold Rush dad revealed that Monica would be working on sites closer to home so that she wasn’t taking any unnecessary risks. Usually the stone-faced industry giant, not many fans or coworkers see the softer side of Beets. However, Monica explained that this demeanor quickly fades away once he sees a baby or an animal.

“My father likes to pretend he’s not excited,” the Gold Rush heiress said, regarding her pregnancy. “But he is very much excited. Tony can look so scary and intimidating. He’ll just melt for dogs and kids.”

Still, it seems Beets is determined to keep up the tough-guy act in front of the cameras and coworkers.

“I mean the kid will likely be a truck driver someday, I suppose,” the future grandfather said.

Perhaps when the Gold Rush star finally meets the potential “truck driver,” he’ll be less worried about future employment and more about spending quality time together.