‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Runs Into Problems, Gets Banned from Indian River

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

The essence of Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” surrounds treasure hunters in the Yukon on their search for riches. More often than not, many of the miners, including show star Tony Beets, come home at the end of the day with something for their troubles.

When things work out, it often leads the miner to a contented lifestyle. However, when other issues arise, as they often do, it throws a major kink in the daily grind. Most recently, we saw “Gold Rush’s” most wealthy miner run into major issues when he got banned from the Indian River, what the television network deemed one of the most gold-rich areas in the Yukon.

This particular episode of “Gold Rush” followed up on Beets’ efforts to get a license to mine the Indian River. After two years, the reality TV star faced hardship when he got notice their license had been denied.

Tony Beets Takes the ‘L’ on Millions

As far as the associated problems which accompanied the license’s denial, Beets said it throws off their income, their plans for work, and where they next need to bring equipment.

“It’s not what was in the plan,” the miner shared. “I mean it’s gonna make a [major]…difference on the ounces that we’re gonna get outta the ground this year.” In short, Beets revealed the lack of license will cost he and his company millions upon millions of dollars.

In the end, Beets delivers the news to his children, who appear just as upset as the miner himself. According to his report following the news, those issuing the license for the Indian River want Beets and the “Gold Rush” crew to rewrite and resubmit another application.

Nevertheless, the crew reigns in an impressive $400,000. All in all, it could be worse, right?

“Gold Rush’s” Tony Beets Has No Regrets in Line of Work

As we can see in the latest episode, despite how it might feel sitting here in the comfort of home, things aren’t always easy for our “Gold Rush” miners. However, despite the hardships and frustration, Tony Beets recently shared he has no regrets in choosing his line of work.

Beginning life in the Netherlands, Beets, accompanied by his thick accent, began mining near the same area. After learning of the riches available in the Yukon, however, the star was Canada bound, heading to the Yukon bordering the eastern line of the U.S.’s Alaska.

Years later, we find Beets starring on “Gold Rush,” and of his path, he said, “I don’t have regrets…No stress, right? It’s smooth sailing. Smooth sailing for this lucky guy, I suppose.”

Truthfully, based on the latest episode’s mishap, I’m not entirely sure how true that is. Not to mention gold mining is sure to be an incredibly difficult business regardless. Nevertheless, we’re happy to hear our “Gold Rush” star enjoys his line of work, despite the struggles and barriers he faces.