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‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ Exclusive: Parker Schnabel Answers ‘Question on Everyone’s Mind’ in Premiere Sneak Peek

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Hope all you Gold Rush fans are ready for this treasure. Outsider has an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming premiere episode of Gold Rush: The Dirt.

As anyone who has done it before will tell you, mining operations are not for the meek. It requires dedication and passion to keep things going. On the new episode, airing on Friday, Nov. 5, viewers get an up-close look at the grit and determination that drives the show’s stars including Park Schnabel, Tyson Lee, and more.

Like big ol’ machines? They got ’em. Want to see parts of the job that never make the show? The Dirt has you covered. Oh, and we also will get the low down on all the dirt (excuse the bad pun) from the last year. Check out the teaser below and join us in getting hyped for the upcoming premiere.

An ‘Unprecedented Look’ at the ‘Gold Rush’ Operations

The Dirt is back for an unprecedented look at the Gold Rush mining operations. Tonight, Parker Schnabel and crew showcase just how far they’ve come since the big nugget days,” the narrator states.

To get things started, fans get a look at the seven-step process behind cleaning gold. It’s a process that never makes it into the show but is wildly fascinating. Spoiler alert: it takes a lot of water.

Then, “ride along with the busiest man in the Klondike.” Mitch Blaschke is Parker’s do-it-all MVP. He moves dirt and material, fixes the equipment, and just about everything else that Schnabel needs from him. If there is something that breaks in the middle of the night and he gets a knock on his door, Blaschke is suiting up and heading to the site to get things back on track.

Another part fans are sure to love: the team has a whole new set of shiny toys. Schnabel loves showing off his equipment and his new rig looks to be one of the biggest ever. Now that he is a top-5 gold producer in the Klondike, Big Nugget mine is ready to really ramp up production.

And, we’ll finally get the answer to the burning question: “Is there bad blood with Brennan?”

‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ Set to Dig Into Show Controversy

The Schnabel squad is not happy that Brennan jumped ship to head over to Rick Ness and his crew. That tension has been mounting and we all want to know exactly what went down. And at last, those answers are finally coming.

Putting it plainly, Schnabel says, “Losing him this winter sucked.”

When Brennan Ruault switched teams, the crew took that hard. But at the time of the decision, Ruault said, “I just knew it was time for a change.”

However, this isn’t the first time Schnabel has dealt with losing a team member. Ness used to be on the Schnabel crew himself before starting out on his own. But as the stars of “Gold Rush” know well, sometimes you just have to power through.

Make sure to catch Gold Rush: The Dirt at 10p.m. on Friday, November 5 on Discovery!