‘Gold Rush’: Things Got Tense Between Parker Schnabel and Foreman After Massive Mistake

by Amy Myers

Before Parker Schnabel and the rest of the Gold Rush stars can rake in the gold, they first have to prep the site. With the right team, this can take only a week out of the schedule, however, one small miscalculation can set the team back several weeks if not months. So, it’s up to Schnabel and fellow mine bosses to stay on top of his crew and make sure they stay on track. For crew members, this might add a bit of extra pressure, causing tensions to rise between supervisors and workers. This can either lead to one of two consequences: a huge bonus or a final paycheck.

Previously, Schnabel, himself, has admitted that he tends to be a “yeller” with his crew. One to wear his emotions on his sleeve, the Gold Rush star doesn’t conceal his frustrations with his team. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause his employees to feel under-appreciated, as foreman Dean felt at the Cluster Cut. Feeling the pressure from his young boss, Dean continued to chip away at the pad for the wash plant. Schnabel arrived at the site with his trusty dog, Dozer in tow, eager to get the sluice into position.

Immediately, the Gold Rush boss began making measurements and quickly realized that the pad would fit the machinery, but it still wasn’t large enough to accommodate the space needed to work around the sluice. It would take days to correct the huge mistake, putting the Gold Rush team further behind schedule. Schnabel, visibly distraught over the flaw, invited Dean back to his office in the trailer to discuss the situation.

Watch what happens next in the clip below.

‘Gold Rush’ Foreman Leaves Job Without Talking to Schnabel

Despite Schnabel’s tendency to raise his voice, he never seemed to lose his temper with Dean following the wash plant pad disaster. Then again, this is also because the Gold Rush foreman never gave Schnabel the chance to yell at him. After Schnabel encouraged Dean to meet him back at his office, the foreman instead decided to go to his own trailer. When his boss asked to speak with him, Dean quickly declined, stating that he knew the outcome of the conversation and therefore had nothing to say.

With that, both men went their separate ways, clearly still angry at one another.

Before leaving with his family, Dean told the cameras that he had said his goodbyes to the rest of the Gold Rush crew except Schnabel in order to avoid any unsavory confrontation.

Just as the former foreman pulled away from camp, Schnabel walked out with a white envelope and handed Dean his final check. They stiffly shook hands before Dean drove off for the last time.