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‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Opened Up on Disastrous Experience That Led to Gold Mining

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Todd Hoffman’s road to riches came with an early disastrous experience, and the “Gold Rush” star said it wasn’t a fun experience.

The star told Business Insider that he “started to see everything go to hell in a handbasket.”

“It turned out to be desperation,” Hoffman added. “Seeing everything fold around you, companies that never go away start going away.”

But Hoffman did learn some lessons early on in the show and in his mining profession.

He said, “when you start printing money (and) start doing the things we’re currently doing,” you can’t lose sight of common sense things by debasing “gold.”

Hoffman’s Discovery Channel show is in its 12th season. The show has had eight spin-off shows, and soon, “Hoffmann Family Gold” premiered. The show features Todd, his father Jack, and his son Hunter working at gold mining 100 miles north of Nome, Alaska.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Says Stock Up Now

On Saturday, Hoffman reached out to his Twitter followers and urged them to buy their meat soon. The actor gave some advice, saying folks should “start watching pricing and planning accordingly for your family.” 

He said this, of course, living in a small town. Folks living in or around cities might not have this problem.

Fans chimed in on Hoffman’s post with some saying a whole cow had a hefty price tag. Twitter user @drhntrpeek said, “2 deer in the freezer this year. I’m good for a bit, but yeah, I’ve looked into buying a whole cow. I was priced $1100.”

How much will half a cow feed a family? It does sound pretty economical. The website Krazy Coupon Lady said the half cow amount is about 240 pounds of hanging meat and 144 to 185 pounds of finished cuts of beef. 

If you figure on a family of four, you can get three or four pounds of beef every week to get through all that meet in one year. That’s a whole bunch of meat.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Meets With Dr. Phil?

In a possible tease to a future episode, Todd Hoffman posted a Twitter picture with himself and legendary TV host Dr. Phil McGraw.

Hoffman and McGraw are friends with McGraw, a fan of the show, according to Maxim. Other fans included actor Kevin Spacey and wrestler Terry “Hulk” Hogan. 

‘Gold Rush’ Book On The Way

Earlier last week, “Gold Rush” star Todd Hoffman talked about writing a book and posted a Twitter post with a clip of Mel Gibson in his “Braveheart” film role.

There’s no information on a book title yet, but it seems to be a good read.

Hoffman said he’s writing a “very important” book with his parents, and it’ll be a “must-read.” It’s authentic with no ghostwriter and no publisher (good, he keeps the profits).

The star author also told of its progress, saying there are already three chapters and “it’s badass.” The chapters are “tough” but “super important.”