‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Updates His Stance on Parker Schnabel After Storied Feud

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Back when Parker Schnabel was just earning his chops on Gold Rush, he found himself in a feud with the Hoffman family. It started with a few remarks then quickly exploded into a competition for each other’s gold. Hoffman and Schnabel both said some bitter remarks to the camera and to each other, never really resolving the drama before Hoffman left the show in Season 7. Now that Hoffman is back, he took the time during his new spin-off series, The Dirt, to discuss the feud with the fellow Gold Rush star.

During the past few episodes of his spin-off series, Hoffman has reflected on past decisions he made while searching for gold across North and South America. Some led to a big paycheck for his crew, while others made him lose money and friendships. In the case of Schnabel, Hoffman still believes that the fault still lies with the younger mine boss. However, Hoffman claims that he no longer harbors any ill feelings towards him.

Check out what Hoffman has to say about his feud with Schnabel in the clip below.

To be fair, Schnabel did seem to instigate a lot of the drama between him and the fellow Gold Rush star. But Hoffman didn’t really make any effort to resolve the issue. Looking back at the heated exchanges between the two mine bosses, it’s clear neither had any desire to be friends. Hoffman chalked much of Schnabel’s attitude up to his young age and growing up under “the spotlight” which seemed to demonstrate his desire to move on from the conflict. Although, we don’t expect the two Gold Rush mine bosses to share a beer anytime soon.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Says He and Schnabel Are ‘Just Apples and Oranges’

When the feud first began, Hoffman claimed that he had no desire to perpetuate the situation. Wanting to avoid the drama that came with reality TV, the Gold Rush star seemed to want to keep things civil between the two.

“I remember when Parker started saying some things about me,” Hoffman shared during the Gold Rush spin-off. “Things that you see afterward – you see them play out, and you don’t wanna get into that TV stuff. And at some point, you realize, we’re just apples and oranges.”

But, soon enough, Hoffman let his pent-up feelings towards the young Gold Rush star get the best of him. In the clip, we saw a past interaction in which Schnabel offered to sell Hoffman back his old dozer after buying a new one. Hoffman quickly refused then vowed to beat Schnabel’s gold yield for the season.

“Look out, Parker,” Hoffman warned. “You better frickin’ mine hard.”

He then told the camera, “To be honest with you, I don’t trust Parker Schnabel.”