‘Gold Rush’: Todd Once Faced One of the Toughest Challenges of His Career…a Giant Boulder

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Working in the Klondike isn’t an easy job. That is something Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman is very familiar with. His battle with a boulder is proof enough. It was back in 2018 when Todd and his crew took down “King Kong” to get to paydirt on the other side.

While the mining operations have huge, heavy equipment, sometimes nature proves a little too tough. That is what happened when Todd encountered a giant boulder that he dubbed “King Kong.” Firmly planted into the ground, the boulder was absolutely massive. There wasn’t an option to blow up the rock. However, the crew did the next best thing.

Using a chemical, the Gold Rush Hoffman crew hoped to split the rock in half. Pouring it into holes in the rock and then waiting a day, they hoped to find a split rock when they returned the next morning. If the boulder stayed in the way, then there was no way to move dirt. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

During the video, when the crew returns in the morning, they find good news. There was a deep crack made by the chemical and other smaller cracks dividing the rock up. So, they got the equipment fired up and started to move it. Once it was shoved down the hill and out of the way, the pay dirt came out.

If they can’t get the dirt out the Gold Rush crews have no hope of finding gold and making money. So, it was important that the boulder be moved. If it hadn’t been for that chemical, that site would have been blown. Getting to that good soil is all that matters. In more recent days, Todd has been beefing with another star.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Details Schnabel Feud

Over the years, Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman haven’t been the best of friends on Gold Rush. There is a competitive feud and perhaps a personal one too. That drama didn’t get resolved prior to Hoffman leaving in season 7. With his return to the show, he discussed his fellow star.

“I remember when Parker started saying some things about me. Things that you see afterward you see them play out. And you don’t want to get into that TV stuff. And at some point you realize, we’re just apples and oranges. We’re not friends. There’s a lot of things about Parker that I respect… You’re growing up, you know you’re trying to develop as a person, in the spotlight. That adds a whole other set of issues.”

While those issues exist for the Gold Rush stars, Todd wishes nothing but the best for Parker. That may be true, but he still wants to dig more gold than his young counterpart. That is for certain.