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‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Is About To Hit a Major Milestone

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

Mining boss Tony Beets is about to celebrate his 200th episode with Gold Rush.

According to the Discovery series’ IMDb page, Beets is sitting at 199 appearances. The only other person to beat that is Parker Schnabel with 239.

However, as Looper notes, there is a slight discrepancy between the star’s personal IMDb page and the shows, though.

According to the prior, Beets has only been in 192 episodes. And we haven’t had the time to sit down and watch the entire series to see which count is correct just yet.

Nonetheless, Tony Beets is either 1 or 8 appearances away from hitting the major milestone. And both numbers are an impressive feat.

Chris Doumitt is on his tail, though. The Parker Schnabel crew member is clocking in with 190 episodes. And he has some time to catch up to the opposing team leader.

After looking at the upcoming episodes, it looks like Tony Beets won’t show up again until the March 11th show called Rally Valley Bonanza. And then, he’s not listed in anymore.

Tony Beets is a ‘Gold Rush’ Top Earner

Tony Beets began his long-running Gold Rush career back in 2011. And during that time, he’s not only been billed as the second most appearing star, he’s also made some serious cash.

Just this season Beets, who earned the nickname The King of the Klondikes by being a Gold Rush Legend, actually dug up $500K dollars in just one week. So it may come as no surprise that he’s actually the most successful mining boss on the series.

This year, Tony Beets is hoping to smash his own records by bringing in a goal of $16 million before the season ends. If he can keep bringing in half a million a week, he’ll probably hit that goal and then some.

However, as Gold Rush has proven, the mining business is both unpredictable and dangerous. So there is no certainty that Beets can bring in that much money. But he’s certainly going to try.

Beets hopes to meet his goal by having his crew dig 24/7 on Paradise Hill for the rest of the season. All the while he’ll have two sluices running to keep the money rolling in. And the work is doing the trick. So far, the team has mined twice as much as they did last year in only one week.

And if you think he and the rest of the stars have already found all the gold that the Yukon has to offer, think again. According to Beets, there is enough untouched land to keep his crew digging for the next 30 years.