‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Has To Move the Jasmine B Without a Scratch To Cash in $1M Offer

by Jonathan Howard

While most of the time on Gold Rush Tony Beets tries to make money from digging into the earth and bringing out gold, he has a new plan.

One valuable asset that Beets and his family crew own, is the Jasmine B. A boat that can be used to ship material, items, and more through waterways. Basically a ferry boat more or less. Well, it turns out, someone wanted to buy the Jasmine B. An offer of a million dollars, and they can’t risk damaging the boat. It ain’t an easy task when the boat isn’t even in the water.

You just have to check this out and see it for yourself. These loaders put in just about everything into getting this job done.

Getting the old boat down in the water wasn’t the easiest thing ever, however, it didn’t seem to take much time. Then, the skids holding the boat had to be removed. Can’t just let it sit in the water and on the bank. So, the loaders got to work again. That silty ground was very spongey for the giant skid. So, it locked into the dirt pretty well. The machines that Mike Beets and the crew drove were literally coming off the ground trying to pull this thing.

Gold Rush is switching it up. Turning away from the drama of the gold for the Beets crew just for a bit. This is a major deal. A million bucks don’t just fall in your lap every day. Perhaps if the gold mining season comes up short, this will help offset costs and put the Beets crew in a good position. An extra seven figures can’t hurt nobody, can it?

Why Are Folks Drawn to ‘Gold Rush’?

When a show has over 10 years of experience on TV, then it is clear people want to know “Why?” Sometimes, even fans don’t know why they watch a show. No two series are ever the same. However, for Gold Rush, one star has an idea of what makes the viewers tune in each week.

Parker Schnabel talked to The Guide Online Magazine about the show’s popularity.

“I think the main reason why our audience gravitates towards the show is that it’s a unique business in that you go into [it] not knowing what the outcomes will be. We take our audiences through an intense ride of the risky side of the business.”

When it comes to Friday night, no one beats the views that Gold Rush gets. It is a show that has developed and changed over the years for sure. Schnabel was only a teenager when the show premiered. Still in high school. Now, he is the man in charge. That comes with pros and cons, of course, and this season hasn’t been easy for the young mine boss.