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‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Says Pandemic Didn’t Affect Mining Work Except in One Way

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

We’re nearing two years since the pandemic began, but Gold Rush star Tony Beets states that while the global health crisis has impacted other industries, mining doesn’t seem to have any real issues.

During his interview with Looper, the Gold Rush castmate admitted that the only real way that the pandemic has affected the mining industry is through shipping. “We don’t have to do anything, we’re in the wild. The shipping is a bit of a problem, but not for the daily life.”

The Gold Rush star further explained that because they don’t know what’s happening in the outside work, he and his crew just live like they usually do. “So absolutely no change. We were very, very fortunate.”

While chatting about his crew’s experience at Paradise Hill this year, the Gold Rush star shared, “We set a goal this year. Not very positive but around here, so yeah, it was good. We’ve been here for 20-30 years. And always, always, it’s good.”

Tony Beets Opens Up Life Before ‘Gold Rush’ 

During a 2019 interview with Entrepreneur, Tony Beets reveals more details about his life prior to starring on Gold Rush. “I came from the Netherlands, of course. I hung around Alberta and [British Columbia] for a bit. Then I went to the Yukon for the money.”

The Gold Rush castmate further explained that while working in the Yukon, he was told that he could make a thousand bucks a week. “So I thought, ‘If they get that, I’ll get a little more.’ And that’s what happened.”

Beets then admitted that he actually likes the mining lifestyle. “You do whatever you want; yell at people whenever you feel like it. And then there’s the hunt, the treasure. I like it.”

Gold Rush castmate, Parker Schnabel, also said he followed Beets into the mining industry. “Well, my mom always hated the idea of me not going to college. So I always intended on going and not pi—ing her off. But then I met Tony Beets and went to the Yukon -“

Beet chimes in by stating, “You’re blaming me?”

Schnabel continued by stating that he blames Beets, just so Nancy can be mad at him. 

In regards to working alongside his friends, Rick Ness admitted that it might be easier to work with people who are not close to him. “I think it would be so much easier if it were just some guys I didn’t know as friends. But you do live in with them as well,” Ness explained. He then said it’s not he is sending home at the end of the day. He would also rather be with his buddies. “I’m not much of a yeller.”