‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Refuses To Give Up Easily in Preview of New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to digging gold out of the ground, the King of the Klondike, Tony Beets does whatever he can on Gold Rush.

He hasn’t lasted in this business this long for nothing. Beets knows his way around a dig site. His family has invested generations into the business of gold mining now. So, when things get tough, Tony Beets holds firm. Having a story like his makes you believe that you can get through anything if you just put your head down and persevere.

He has a goal of 9,000 ounces this season. Half of that he wants from the Indian River. He is trying to get to the paydirt, but he hasn’t been able to find much traction. He spent three years trying to get a water license to dig at the site. Instead, Beets is taking his Gold Rush crew to Paradise Hill. That’s where he hopes there will be thousands of ounces.

Beets won’t give up on the Indian River project, though. It seems that he has his eyes on the potential of $10,000,000 worth of gold being in that ground. While he has been denied repeatedly, that may be coming to an end. Check out this preview that Gold Rush shared on Twitter and see for yourself.

Beets is a tough guy. His family is tough. If there is an issue in front of them, you can bet that they are going to try their best to overcome it. Paradise Hill is going to be worked on until they can’t find a speck of gold left in the dirt. Those operations can be moved over to Indian Hill with the right permit. And, if they are, the Gold Rush family is going to find themselves a lot richer.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Talks Retirement, Work Still Left

At his age, Tony Beets has thought about retirement before. However, the Gold Rush star feels that he has a lot of work left before him. With the land claims they currently have, he isn’t wrong. Things aren’t quite ready to be handed off to his kids yet, so he will likely stay for a while.

“We probably have 500 acres if not 1,000 that hasn’t been excavated. [And we] drill and decide which places are worthwhile digging up,” Beets explained. “We approach it by digging for holes across the land and see if a pattern appears. If so, we start to dig and uncover all of the gold.”

“I think we have a lot of gold out there,” Beets continued. “As long as we have the water licenses to mine, we can keep on going. If so, we should be mining here for 30 years. There are 5,000 to 10,000 ounces out there easy.”

The Gold Rush star is figuring things out. Tonight might be the news he has been looking for. Maybe those 10,000 ounces are down there after all.