‘Gold Rush’ Video Proves Even Parker Schnabel Sometimes Makes a Mistake

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

After Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel’s foreman left him high and dry, the young mine boss quickly discovered that his workload had doubled. As the brains behind the operation, Schnabel typically doesn’t need to be hands-on at the mine site every day. With finances and logistics to manage, the 27-year-old entrepreneur seems to prefer managing his crew from afar, only becoming involved when a problem arises that the foreman can’t solve. Unfortunately, when foreman Dean Tosczak quit the team at Cluster Cut, this left Schnabel with little choice but to adopt the former employee’s duties on top of his own.

Already, when Tosczak had left the team, the crew was behind schedule by two weeks. With just one year left on his contract with the property, Schnabel was feeling the pressure of the deadline. Following his foreman’s departure, the Gold Rush star arrived to the site late, his team nearly in shambles. Loader operator Bree Harrison expressed her frustration with the situation, telling her boss that she felt she was “running around with her head cut off.”

Understanding his employee’s stress, Schnabel vowed to help her with her duties. However, his help came moments too late.

Check out what happened next in the clip below.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Member Reveals the Nickname the Team has for Parker Schnabel

A big mistake from an employee usually ends in a lost job, a short-handed staff and maybe some extra hours. An error from the boss, on the other hand, results in something much worse – loss of trust and respect from his staff. Schnabel nearly found himself in deep waters with his Gold Rush crew when he neglected his duties as a stand-in foreman to filter through some fresh dirt. Meanwhile, loader operator Harrison continued transporting paydirt and waste to its proper locations, hoping her boss followed through in his promise to refuel the necessary equipment.

When the sluice became clogged with dirt, she knew her answer.

Thinking quickly, the Gold Rush star hopped from her vehicle and shut down the sluice and the water pump to prevent any further damage. Schnabel then had to shovel out the excess dirt himself, further delaying their operation.

“You know, one of our nicknames for him is ‘Squirrel,” fellow crew member Mitch Blaschke said. “He sees something, he’s over here then he’s over there and kind of jumps around a lot.”

Thankfully for the Gold Rush mine boss, his “rookie mistake” didn’t damage the equipment, although it did hurt his ego. While shoveling away at the top of the sluice, Schnabel reprimanded himself for becoming distracted.

“There’s no f– excuse for it, at the end of the day,” Schnabel admitted. “People get fired for this kind of stuff.”