‘Gold Rush’: Watch Jesse Goins’ Last Moments on the Show Before His Passing

by Jon D. B.

Within, the final moments of one of the sweetest men to ever be a part of Gold Rush‘s brotherhood, Jesse Goins, and the mining family he left behind, unfold.

Few men brought forth the natural talent, heart, and work ethic of Jesse Goins. At age 60, Jesse would bulldoze boundaries and win over the Gold Rush men. Each became his brothers – and Jesse to them.

It’s a heartbreaking watch, but one that reminds us of the incredible legacy Goins leaves behind. So first, let’s celebrate his achievements with Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, as told by the show itself.

“I believe Jesse drives that haul truck faster than his own truck!” the crew lights up of Goins as they work Box Creek mine in Colorado. “He just goes!”

“It’d be nice to prove to people that we can find the gold. And prove ourselves as a team,” the late Jesse says himself as the Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine men roll on.

Watch Jesse Goins’ last appearance on Gold Rush and the moment the rest of the crew learnt of his passing.

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Little did they know, Jesse was about to break Casey Morgan’s longstanding record for payloads in a single shift. Casey’s record, 49, would be beat if newcomer Jesse reaches 50 soon.

“Never a doubt in my mind that he’d be able to get in that truck and run it like nobody’s business,” recalls Dave Turin himself. “I just didn’t think he’d be closing in on Casey’s record on his second day.”

And close in he did. In fact, Gold Rush‘s Jesse Goins was about to crush it completely.

The Life and Death of Gold Rush’s Beloved Jesse Goins

“He broke Casey’s record in two days!” Turin continues. “The student surpasses the instructor!”

“Super happy for Jesse right now,” Casey says afterwards. “Broke my old record pretty damn good!”

The comradery with Turin’s team is palpable. And to see these men lose Jesse so shortly after is nothing short of heartbreaking.

Jesse Goins died suddenly while working at Box Creek mine in Colorado. His death came unexpectedly on August 18, 2020.

Jesse would join Dave’s operation midway through the first season. Then, he would continue on with his Lost Mine brothers into the second season as gold room operator.

“The cast and crew are devastated by the loss of a genuinely good and humble man who radiated humor, skill, and integrity to all who were lucky enough to know him,” Discovery said in a Gold Rush statement at the time of Jesse’s death.

“I’m truly lost for words right now. We lost the man that I trusted with my future and my kid’s future,” added Nathan Clark in a statement of his own. “Jesse Goins was the kindest soul you could ever have met. Love you brother!”

Rest in Peace to a Gold Rush legend: Jesse Goins (1960-2020).