‘Gold Rush’: Watch Rick Ness’ ‘Best Pan’ He’s Ever Had in His Life

by Jonathan Howard

In a recent episode of Gold Rush, Rick Ness was messing around Duncan Creek. He might have hit a motherload of gold.

While digging, working his way to the layer where he thought paydirt would be, he found a spot that was worth stopping for. All of a sudden it looked like profitable earth. However, it was 30 feet sooner than expected in depth. So, he did the one thing he could do. Panned the material.

After rinsing the dirt, rocks, and minerals in his green pan, he filtered everything out. What was left sitting in his pan were about 25 pieces of gold that were significant. The finding was enough for Rick to decide to stop operations in order to have the team come together and talk details.

As the Gold Rush star was rinsing out his pan, he realized it could mean gold. However, it wasn’t until he got it completely rinsed out that he saw the “best pan” in his “entire life.” Now, he has to set up a wash plant, get his guys ready, and do the best he can do. When you find a spot that is loaded up like that, operations might need to be tweaked a bit.

When Rick says that it is the best pan that he’s ever done, that is saying something. While he isn’t an old-timer like Tony Beets, he has a lot of experience mining. This could be the big break that he needs.

Each season of Gold Rush is another season that Rick and others need to meet their goals. Each crew is doing all they can in order to make the money they need. So, this is big news for Ness and his operation.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Unsure About Rick’s ‘Bridge’

Part of Rick’s new operation is a “bridge” that has been made to help move material and get to and from his digs. However, it isn’t really a structure. It’s basically a dam made out of dirt. Some Gold Rush fans have taken issue with the bridge and are worried about what could happen in the future.

“Anyone find Rick’s ‘Bridge’ concerning?” a fan asked on Reddit. “It’s basically an Earth dam in what looks to be a deep watershed ravine with no culvert. [The] rain season is coming and if that thing erodes, anything downstream, including fisheries are going to be screwed.”

While there were some replies that shared the concern, it isn’t a super big deal. These guys all have to abide by regulations and safety laws. The Mining Safety and Health Administration is the group that would deal with any kind of noncompliance such as not having culverts and other rules.

Gold Rush has a way of showing these intense moments without putting all of the fine details into the show. Just because it isn’t on the show, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Rick has a chance to make a lot of money this season.