‘Gold Rush’: What’s the Coolest Thing Parker Schnabel Has Dug Up?

by Victoria Santiago

Parker Schnabel has been on Gold Rush since the very beginning of the show. He’s had a lot of time to dig up cool things. Since he’s got his start as a teenager working on the family mines, surely he’s found more than gold along the way.

There’s no telling what lies underneath the dirt and rocks of a dig site, so sometimes it can be pretty surprising. Luckily, we know exactly what Parker Schnabel has dug up during his time on Gold Rush. He’s found mammoth tusks that were buried in a layer of permafrost. Since they were buried so deep and essentially frozen, they were in amazing shape.

Schnabel talked about this impressive find during an interview once. “We’ve found some mammoth tusks, which was really cool,” he said. “They’re preserved because they’re ivory and they were buried in the permafrost, so the weather doesn’t really get to them. Some of those came out in beautiful shape.”

The ‘Gold Rush’ Star Keeps The Cool Things He Finds During Digs

Undoubtedly, nothing that Parker Schnabel and his Gold Rush team find could be worth more than gold, but mammoth tusks would definitely be up there. Apparently, you can sell them if you find them, although Schnabel says he doesn’t do that. There are a bunch of permits that you have to get in order to sell the rare find. Instead, he does something else with the tusks. “I usually keep them,” he said. “You’re allowed to sell them, you just need a couple of permits to export them out of the territory, but I think they’re so cool I had to keep them.”

Who could blame him, though? He already brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gold he finds, so why not keep the cool stuff that he finds along the way? There’s really no incentive to sell them, especially if you could tell people that you own mammoth tusks. Let alone mammoth tusks that you found that are in good condition. That’s sure to spark conversation with guests.

Along With Mammoth Tusks, Parker Schnabel Has Dug Up Quite the Fortune

Suffice to say that Parker Schnabel isn’t only putting away mammoth tusks. He’s made himself quite a bit of money during his Gold Rush digs, too. He’s had a decade to enhance and perfect his work. During the time he’s been on Gold Rush, he’s proven to be a bonafide gold finder. Every season, he brings in thousands of ounces of gold. After performing so well for so long, he’s been able to set aside $10 million for himself.

Taking care of an entire team and business while also being able to make that kind of money is impressive. Honestly, mammoth tusks are just the cherry on top of what has been a clearly successful career choice. It doesn’t look like Schnabel plans to end his tenure on Gold Rush anytime soon, either, so there are surely more windfalls coming his way.