‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Sees Dustin ‘On the Gold’ in Tense Trailer Ahead of Friday’s Episode

by Courtney Blackann

“Gold Rush: White Water’s” Dustin Hurt is in over his head in the latest episode of the Discovery series. He’s at McKinley Creek in Alaska and he’s making it a point to haul in those precious golden chunks. However, mining beneath the rushing river is proving much more difficult than it appears.

In a clip on Twitter, Discovery shares a tiny bit with us from Friday’s episode. Dustin’s crew is on the gold – he just knows it. But everything has to go according to plan.

And while all gold mining is a rough business with dangerous machinery, adding hundreds of gallons of water over you while you dredge is a different ballgame altogether.

During the preview, the “Gold Rush: White Water” star is on a deadline and he knows there’s some major gold to be mined. But when a crew member gets caught beneath their equipment under the water, it’s a race against the clock to get him out. The whole thing is extremely intense – and we don’t find out what happens in the end.

But since all episodes of “Gold Rush: White Water” are streaming on Discovery+, you can see exactly how the mine boss handles his crew and if his gamble at McKinley Creek pays out.

“Gold Rush” Star Talks What He’s Learned Stepping into Leadership Role

The road to gold is paved with more than a few obstacles. And when you’re the leader of the operation, you take the fall when things don’t go according to plan. However, Dustin Hurt shared some important lessons he learned in the hunt for gold.

“Everything was against us from the start,” he admitted. “I think Mother Nature really raged at us this year. …This is the first year we’ve tried to start in this much snow, and it just didn’t seem to want to go away,” he says. “I wish we could just sit back and accept that kind of stuff, but I’m not that kind of person,” he told PopCulture. “So we fully charged at [the weather], and it made it more difficult. But that’s part of why we do what we do up here.”

The miner goes on to say:

“Every single year I spend probably several weeks after the season to figure out what I could have done better,” he reflected. “There’s a lot of things I would have done differently and I will do differently. …It was a hell of a learning experience this year.” 

What Dustin Hurt Learned from Fred Hurt

Additionally, Dustin took over the business from his father, Fred. And he’s still fine tuning his skills as a crew leader. One of the ways Dustin makes sure to keep focused is to not watch the Discovery Channel show.

“So I’m at a disadvantage, because I’ve never watched the show ever, and I don’t know that I ever will,” the Gold Rush star told the publication. “I don’t know what they show anyone because I don’t watch the show, but I can tell you when the camera’s around. I think they probably get 80, 90% of it, but it’s those clutch moments where things really go down. If they’re in transit or you know the cameras glitching or something of that nature. They can’t always follow us where we go because some of the places are just too dangerous for camera.”