‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Dustin Hurt Talks Living in Extreme Conditions

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jean-Erick PASQUIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

When it comes to mining gold the folks at Gold Rush: White Water know that they have to embrace and survive the extreme conditions. Star Dustin Hurt knows all about that.

Hurt has put his luck into mining out Alaska and it is not an easy job. It isn’t just as easy as finding gold or finding a good site. When it comes to the work, it is done in rain, snow, cold, and it can get nasty. When asked about the conditions that the crews deal with, Hurt was open with how he looks at things.

“I know that it’s a rainforest. It’s not a tropical rainforest, but it’s a rainforest we work in, and I truly felt in the first couple of years that I was there, when I bought the claims, it wasn’t this much rain. And it’s that we have broken records every year now. How much rain we did get, I did not expect that to happen. The amount of water is just immense and I did not see that coming this much.”

Those environmental challenges make working the mine difficult. The Gold Rush: White Water star noted that the rainfall records just keep getting broken year in and year out. It wasn’t something that he expected when he first came to the claim years ago. Now that he has that experience, Hurt is able to adapt. That’s what he has done since his career started. He went from a “dirt worker,” to digging for gold and the change has been one for the better.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Faces Environmental Challenges

As Dustin Hurt spoke about the rain, he also talked about Mother Nature in general. For him, it’s more than just a battle. His crew on Gold Rush: White Water is in real danger if the weather gets out of hands. If some mud or dirt comes sliding off a hill that could be it for somebody. It is something that Hurt thinks about a lot.

“Everything out there’s basically trying to take us down. It feels almost like a small war. I have a crew and Mother Nature has its crew, and we just battle. It just never ends, the daily battle trying to fight this thing. We try to fight, and we respect it, but it’s such a hard task to try to actually get things done out there at all. You’d have to be there to understand it. I’m not sure what the tv show shows. Everyone is in danger. It is scary.”

Hurt is concerned about his Gold Rush: White Water crew and that shows. While the intensity is shown on the show, it is something someone would have to experience firsthand to truly understand. There is only so much that a camera can show.