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‘Gold Rush: White Water’: Watch Crew Try Using 1,000-Pound Boulder to Find Gold

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Don & Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Gold Rush: White Water star Dustin Hurt and his crew are literally turning over every rock in search of gold flecks in McKinley Creek. Usually, the divers focus on smaller rocks that the dredge can handle, but their mine boss has another idea in store, this time. Hurt decided to search underneath huge boulders in case they were hiding a supply of metallic treasures. There was only one way to find out, so the Gold Rush: White Water stars brought out the ropes and started pulling the massive rocks from the water.

In order to move them out of the swift waters, the team had to utilize a winch and heavy-duty webbing. But because of the rock’s shape, the chance of it slipping from the girth hitch were fairly high. So, the Gold Rush: White Water team had to move slowly and carefully as they lifted the masses higher into the air. With only a limited area to move, though, the team had to decide if they could safely maneuver the boulder rover top of the $23,000 dredge.

Unfortunately, they made this decision without first consulting their boss.

Watch Hurt’s reaction below.

Not surprisingly, Hurt was upset when the huge boulder wavered precariously above his expensive equipment. He hollered for the crew to stop and hurried over to the site, so that he could prevent the impending damage.

“All I could see was that thing slipping just a little bit and everybody going home,” Hurt told his employee. “I can’t afford another one of these dredges. Not without any gold.”

Thankfully, nothing happened to the dredge, but the mine boss was still clearly upset with the crew members responsible for the oversight.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Decides to Call It Quits For the Day

Once the Gold Rush: White Water star regained control of his crew, he formed a new plan that would involve less risk to his equipment and crew members. Instead of moving the boulder over top the dredge, Hurt decided to move the dredge out of the way. However, this meant that he would also have to move the additional rocks in the area, too. In order to do that, though, the Gold Rush: White Water team needed to blast a few boulders, too.

There was just one problem – Hurt’s employee James left his “blasters” up at basecamp.

Hurt couldn’t believe that the crew member didn’t think to bring the essential devices with them, considering the tasks they had at hand.

“All right, let’s wrap it up for the day,” the frustrated Gold Rush: White Water boss declared.

From the look on Hurt’s face following the debacle, there was probably a tough conversation back at basecamp.