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‘Gold Rush’: Why Did Dave Turin Leave the Show?

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

A few years back, miner Dave Turin opened up about the complications that led to his exit from Gold Rush in the show’s 7th season.

Season 12 of the hit Discovery Channel series is currently underway as of Sept. 24. However, in 2016, the show lost one of the stars of Todd Hoffman’s mining crew. During an interview with PEOPLE from earlier this year, Turin admitted, “I did question whether I was in the right spot.”

Fans of Gold Rush witnessed Turin’s frustrations boil over in the seventh season of the series. Things were already difficult enough as Hoffman’s crew explored gold mines in Oregon, but tensions grew quickly within the crew. In fact, Turin and fellow miner Trey Poulson got into an infamous physical altercation on the show. Following the on-screen fight, Turin had enough and left Hoffman’s crew.

“We started in Oregon with the highest hopes that we ever had. And the prospects of gold is better than anything we’ve ever seen,” Turin said to People in 2016“I felt like for our team, we come back off of the best season we ever had and we go to Oregon. We were going to do amazing things, but then it starts to fall apart.” 

“It happened from within,” Turin added. “We couldn’t predict it. You can’t predict people and what’s going on inside of them.”

Turin’s exit from Gold Rush came with a blessing in disguise. The network gave the miner his own spin-off series called Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, which premiered on March 8, 2019. Season 3 of his show aired earlier this summer. At least Turin’s tumultuous time working with Hoffman’s crew seemed to pay off in the end.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Dave Turin’s Whole Operation Is Threatened

In an extended clip from a June episode of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, the miner’s whole operation almost came to a stand still.

While Turin’s crew mined the Colorado Hummocks, they ran into some major issues with locals. So much so that Dave had to decide whether or not to pull the plug on his operation. Issues with his surrounding environment along with unsupportive locals in the area made the mining boss seriously consider if the ends justified the means. Turin hoped to mine 400 ounces of gold at their dig site, but that prospect seemed less likely by the day this summer.

The community in the Colorado Hummocks weren’t exactly welcoming as Turin’s crew arrived. They weren’t supportive of Turin’s goals referencing the need to preserve the landscapes in the area. Yet local officials eventually approved his mining permit, so Turin’s operation moved forward.

In addition, police paid his crew a visit on multiple occasions since they received complaints from locals. One objection stemmed from Turin’s crew using a county road to access their gold mining site. While the other complaint didn’t take kindly to the workers mining on Fridays and Saturdays. It was a difficult stretch of the season for Turin and his crew, but you can watch how they responded to the adversity in the YouTube clip below.