‘Gold Rush’: Why Freddy Dodge Decided to Help Struggling Miners for ‘Mine Rescue’

by Megan Molseed

Freddy Dodge has been a part of the extremely successful Discovery Channel series Gold Rush since the show premiered in 2010.

Now, the longtime Gold Rush star is branching out on his own as Dodge’s brand new spin-off series, Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue is currently streaming on Discovery Plus.

In this new series, the longtime gold-miner sets out on a cross-country journey with his business partner, Juan Ibarra, to meet with struggling miners who hope to turn their operations back into, well, “goldmines.” In each episode, Freddy and Juan work with the miners, coming up with plans on how to maximize the gold output in the struggling mines.

“I’ve helped miners out for years,” Freddy Dodge explains in a recent interview. “And when this opportunity came about, especially with Juan Ibarra, we work great together, it was just go.”

The need for the services this Discovery + series, Dodge says provides came over time as he met with miners who were struggling because of precarious economic conditions.

According to Dodge, these conditions led people to follow their entrepreneurial dreams working harder in their gold-mining hobby, hoping to strike it big. But, in many cases, these newly full-time miners weren’t sure exactly where – or how – to start.

“They didn’t have the experience to jump it up to make a living at it in some cases,” Dodge explains of his clients. “So that’s where we came in.”

New ‘Gold Rush’ Series Brings Help To Struggling Miners

And, the Gold Rush star notes, he and his business partner Juan have helped their clients find quite a bit of success along these lines since the show began.

“Everybody we helped this summer, we were able to help out,” Freddy Dodge explains.

“We were able to increase their recoveries, and in some cases, we increased their gold by hundreds of percent,” the star continues, noting that sometimes it does become daunting as they move on to help a new goldmine.

“Juan and I are both still nervous,” Dodge explains of the moment the duo starts a new job. “We come rolling in blind, so we don’t know what we’re getting into until we get there and see what’s going on.”

But, says Dodge, the team never lets these worries take over their push to do the very best job they can making the gold-mines profitable.

“That doesn’t mean we’re going to pull into a situation that’s going to beat us,” the Gold Rush star says. “We’re confident we can help these people.”

The Gold Rush star adds that this new series works well because he and Juan work well together as partners along these lines.

“It’s not only trust with Juan,” the Discovery Channel star explains. “He’s an excellent mechanic, and he’s an excellent person.”

Freddy Dodge goes on to note that this helps him and his Gold Rush partner work very well together.

“Of all the people I’ve worked with over the years, Juan Ibarra is the one I would choose over anybody else,” the star explains. “He’s just a definite good person, and he’s very good at what he does.”