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‘Gold Rush’: Why Rick Ness Looked to Season 11 as Redemption After Taking Season 10 ‘Really, Really Hard’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

When the going gets tough, the tough keep digging. No one seems to know this better than Gold Rush star and mine boss Rick Ness. Like many of his co-stars on the show, Ness has seen his fair share of good days and bad while working on potential gold mine sites.

But when the mine boss doesn’t see the results he wants, he doesn’t just back his hardhat and head home. Instead, he chooses to learn from his mistakes and apply them to the next day’s work. That’s what makes him such a success in the industry and a favorite among the show’s fans. His resilience and willingness to grow are what gives him an edge against the more seasoned miners competing against him.

While some might try to forget an unpleasant experience as Ness had, the Gold Rush star decided to carry it with him through the next season as a source of motivation.

“I took last season really, really hard. That’s not something I’m used to, just with things that I do in my life,” Ness explained to Monsters & Critics.

Previously, in his career and time on Parker Schnabel’s team, Ness has had a lot of success. So, when he nearly met his own failure, he vowed to avoid those same mistakes in the future. So, season 11 became about redemption.

“I just about everything I try and I took that really hard last year,” the Gold Rush star said. “It took me all winter to come to terms with it. I ended up accepting what happened and accepted my part in it. And just use that as my fuel for this year. obviously, redemption is huge on my mind.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Joined Schnabel After Music Caree

When Ness first started on Gold Rush in season three, he was a member of Parker Schnabel’s team. Unlike Schnabel, Ness didn’t have any prior experience in the mining industry. Instead, he came from a background of music, starring in a gothic country string band as the bassist. Once he became familiar with the job, though, Ness’ career took off like a rocket. He quickly went from a rookie miner to Schnabel’s foreman to a mine boss with his own team by season nine.

However, just because he ascended the ranks doesn’t mean he didn’t face any challenges. In fact, in his second season as a mine boss, Ness nearly lost all of his savings and had to seriously consider whether he wanted to continue his career in mining.

Although he came close to calling it quits, the Gold Rush star rediscovered his perseverance and kept digging for the sake of him and his crew. It was a close call – one that Ness promises to learn from.