‘Gold Rush’: Why Todd Hoffman Left Show to Pursue a Singing Career

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jan Sochor/Latincontent/Getty Images)

Not many people would leave their career as a star on a reality television show like Gold Rush for a chance to become a famous singer. But, most people aren’t Todd Hoffman, who embodies the motto, “Win big, or die trying.”

Hoffman might not have been the most successful miner on the show, but he never backed down from a challenge–for better or for worse. Now that he’s no longer on Gold Rush, Hoffman is showing just as much dedication to his new passion: singing.

“I’m actually starting to get some serious offers. Laugh if you want,” Hoffman said regarding his blossoming music career on an episode of Gold Rush. Already, Hoffman has posted numerous covers of songs on his very own YouTube page and even worked with other aspiring artists.

“Who knows?” he shared. “Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

On top of his vocal aspirations, Hoffman also reported that he will be dedicating much of his time to his own television production company, ZUM Media. Since working on Gold Rush, Hoffman said he’s learned a lot of new skills in the industry.

While Hoffman might have an optimistic outlook on his career, others aren’t too sure of his success.

“Todd is a dreamer. He sets goals that are way too big sometimes,” said co-star Freddy Dodge. “But that’s what dreamers do.”

Watch below for one of Hoffman’s most popular covers, which has nearly 14 million views.

A Look Back at Todd Hoffman’s Varied Success on ‘Gold Rush’

There’s no denying that Hoffman has an amazing and powerful tenor voice. However, if his career on Gold Rush is any indication of his future success, Hoffman may need to prepare for as many failures as successes.

When Hoffman won, he won big. But when the odds weren’t in his favor, the future vocalist didn’t know when to walk away and cut his losses. Perhaps the most notable instance of this was when Hoffman and his crew ventured to Baker County, Oregon. Unfortunately, this location turned out to be a total bust, and Hoffman’s men suffered the loss. Unlike other reality series, when the workers on Gold Rush don’t find metal, they don’t have money to pay the bills, regardless of air time.

“When things went bad in Oregon, everybody was hurting,” Hoffman reflected.

The mishap also ended in a tumultuous fight between two team members, resorting to Dave Turin’s departure from the show.

Despite the loss in Oregon, Hoffman still managed to find his team almost $10 million in gold over eight seasons. While reflecting on his time on Gold Rush, the star was optimistic about his mining career.

“If you look at our adventure as a whole, you can see the American dream is still alive,” Hoffman said. “I don’t think I’d change a thing.”