‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Fans Question the Equipment Used in ‘The Klondike Beast’ Episode

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: Eye Ubiquitous/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

During their recent discussion of Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune Episode 5, fans are highlighting that highly questionable snowmobile malfunction and the “reality” in “reality television.”

“The Klondike Beast” was a beast of an episode, to be sure. Within, Tony Beets fights the Yukon winter to build a monster dozer, as Redditor Sadandshy points out. The Gold Rush fan kicked off a huge discussion thread on the show’s active Reddit board over the weekend, and responses are still pouring in from fans who cannot get over that damn yellow paint!

Other highlights from the episode include Fred Lewis prospecting a claim that could be “too good to be true”. Not to mention Dustin Hurt trying to reach his remote mountain camp to “determine if he’ll be able to mine this season,” Sadandshy continues.

The real discussion, however, is 100% the yellow paint. And if you’ve watched the episode, then you know exactly what the Gold Rush fans mean by it.

“Is it just me, or did the D11 that Tony was playing with at the end of the episode look old and used with a metallic-looking (silvery) plow?” asks u/Big_Road-rage3642. “Meanwhile, they just spent the bulk of the episode putting together a brandy-new one with a yellow plow, no?”

Fan Lutz1972 “totally noticed this, too,” and kicks off the core debate. The yellow paint wasn’t just on the blade, ” but the tracks were yellow when they put it together,” they say.

Yet somehow, there was “no yellow at all on the tracks or blade.” What gives? Amusingly, u/Big_Road-rage3642 hopped onto the Gold Rush board “specifically to make this observation,” and says they’re “not surprised I’m not the only one who noticed.”

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Dig Deep into ‘Winter’s Fortune’

Redditor MaximumDevelopment77, however, simply wonders if the paint just wore off. “I doubt it Tony will help the Finning guys put it together if it wasn’t his,” they say.

DejaVu165 is sure the paint “wore right off that blade,” though. “Especially in the Permafrost. looks like they did a few passed before Tony hoped in.”

Oh, Tony. He’s the subject of much discussion for Gold Rush fans after “The Klondike Beast.” User Very_Slow_Cheetah, in fact, is “waiting to see how many times Tonys ‘9000oz target’ gets mentioned. A completely random number he picked, that will be used probably 4+ times per episode as if his whole career, family’s lives, and his legacy depends on it,” they reply tongue-in-cheek.

Yet will such a lofty goal (see: 9000 oz in gold) even be near possible if Tony’s Indian River water rights don’t get issued in time? He’ll be s*** up a creek this mining season if they don’t.

“But hey, he will have some big toys to play with up on Paradise Hill,” laughs Redditor ToiletPlungerOfDoom.

The next episode of Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune airs Friday, Sept. 3 only on Discovery+.