‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’: Fred’s ‘Lack of Safety’ Leaves Fans ‘Cringing’

by Amy Myers

When it comes to mining, one of the most dangerous professions there are, obviously, safety has to be a number one priority. On Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune, the stars actively try to ensure that every task they complete on-site doesn’t cause the crew any unnecessary harm or risk. However, sometimes, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to safety in favor of efficiency. That’s when deadly mistakes happen.

Reddit users couldn’t contain their astonishment when they witnessed newcomer Fred Lewis make a rookie mistake. During the latest episode of Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune, Lewis jumped down into a freshly dug, deep pit. While this might seem harmless compared to more dramatic tasks like excavating or bulldozing, one Reddit user explained that Lewis’ exact action was how their cousin passed away.

“After watching the latest Winter’s Fortune I have to comment on what Fred did that made me cringe,” the user wrote on the Subreddit for Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune. “He jumped down into that deep narrow pit for a sample. Maybe the ground is a little more stable out there than it is here in the East, but that is very dangerous. I lost a cousin due to such a mistake.”

As many miners know, without any sort of support maintaining the pit’s structure, the walls of the hole can easily collapse and bury the person below. Scary as it may be, it’s small mistakes like this that claim lives in the mining profession.

Fans Criticize ‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets for Negligence

While we can chalk up Fred Lewis’ mistake to lack of experience in the field, we can’t say as much for seasoned mine boss Tony Beets. Unlike Lewis, Beets has been unearthing gold for decades and should be the first to tell other miners the dos and don’ts of the job. However, as the same Reddit user pointed out, he too made a careless mistake on the job.

“Then even my hero Tony was making me nervous this time during the track flipping part, standing way too close and on ice,” the user told other Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune fans on the Subreddit. “He almost got hit a couple times with the track.”

Likely, the fan is referring to when the track comes off the wheels of an excavator. Rethreading the tack can be a tedious and dangerous task. So, properly repairing the equipment requires extreme precision and care.

Take a look at how Fred Lewis rethreaded the track of his excavator only days after learning how to drive one.

Sitting on the sofa, it’s easy to criticize the Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune crews as they pour their literal blood, sweat and tears into their work. Likely, most of us fans don’t know the exact extents that their jobs demand every day. Some of these more risky tasks might in fact be within the protocol. Still, when the stars willingly partake in a dangerous activity, it’s hard to watch. After all, we want them to be around for the next few seasons.