‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’: How To Catch Up on the Spin-Off

by Amy Myers

Since its debut in 2010, Gold Rush‘s popularity has exploded which is why we have so many spinoffs, including the latest, Winter’s Fortune, which premiered in July last year. Like White Water, this spinoff focuses on the effects that different environments have on the miners’ success. Rather than roaring rivers and treacherous rapids, though, Winter’s Fortune revolves around the icy conditions of the Klondike and the new territories that the stars uncover.

Of course, the most notable aspect of Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune is that it also focuses on the franchise’s biggest stars, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness and Tony Beets. Needless to say, the spinoff is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

So, how do we make sure we don’t miss an episode? Easy – Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune is available on the streaming platform, Discovery+. There, the network has compiled all of the Gold Rush series. So, even if you’ve watched all the latest Winter’s Fortune episodes, you can bide your time with the franchise’s other spinoffs, like Parker’s Trail or The Dirt.

Discovery+ offers a seven-day free trial and two subscription services. The version with ads costs $4.99 a month, while the ad-free version costs $6.99 a month.

No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed to see all the mining action.

Fans Respond to ‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Star’s Bad Luck

If after you’ve caught up on all Gold Rush developments, you’re still craving more, you can head to the show’s subreddit.

Recently, fans have been debating the source of Ness’s seemingly constant strokes of bad luck on Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.

“Why didn’t Rick realize he was into a pay layer until he was like 8 feet down in it?” one fan asked in the title of the thread.

Many fans agreed with the author of the post’s frustration.

Another wrote, “As soon as they showed the excavator from the outside, I said out loud ‘that is paydirt!’ I mean it was solid river rock, all the way up the side of the wall above Rick’s head when he got out to look at it.”

“How does a guy who has been doing this for years and years not recognize pay?” the Redditor continues. “Or was it just a set-up shot of him pretending to be confused for extra drama, and knew the whole time it was pay?”

“My entire experience with gold mining is watching this tv program and even I could see it was pay!” another added.

One even accused the show of implementing “fake drama.”

“I can’t take the fake drama anymore,” the Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune star said. “I get you have to invent material sometimes but it’s always the same way. It’s boring”.

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