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‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ Previews Intense Prep for Season in New Clip Ahead of Tonight’s Episode

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Another episode of “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” airs tonight. Here’s a clip of the preparation involved in getting ready for a new mining season.

The clip shows “Gold Rush” star Tony Beets driving his truck along a snow-covered road. As he drives, he talks about the upcoming mining season.

“Let’s quit playing around. We gotta get with the program. We’ll have to get on 24-hours a day so we can get ready for the season,” says Beets. “If we’re going to get 9000 ounces out of the ground, we better get going. Because they’re not going to come out of the ground all by themselves.

Along with the video clip, “Gold Rush” wrote “That gold isn’t going to come out of the ground by itself. #GoldRush: Winter’s Fortune is all new tonight at 8P on @Discovery and @discoveryplus.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Once Revealed The 5 Secrets To His Success

During a video interview in 2016, “Gold Rush” star Tony Beets lets fans in on the secrets to his success. First up he said, “Work hard and always give it your all.” The video then hilariously cuts to clips of Beets lounging around and napping on his couch at home. But, we’ve all seen enough episodes of “Gold Rush” to know that Tony Beets puts in the work.

His next key to success is to “always be confident.” That, we can definitely see has largely contributed to Beets’ achievements. “Is there any other way?” asks Beets. The video then cuts to an interview with Tony Beets’ son, Kevin. The interviewer asks Kevin, “Have you ever seen anyone else with as much confidence as your dad?” Kevin quickly responds, “He has it in his mind, ‘I am going to do this.’ And then it gets done.”

Third on his list of secrets is “set high expectations.” Beets’ son Kevin is quick to clarify with, “Exceptionally high expectations.”

‘When you hire somebody, I think you can expect the **** to put in an honest day of work,” says Beets.

Beets’ wife Minnie then adds, “Tony expects a lot from himself, so he expects it from everybody else.”

“That’s just how it is,” says Beets.

Beets’ fourth key to success is “don’t take shit from anybody.” The interview then asks Minnie if she’s ever seen him take shit from anybody. Minnie hilariously responds, “Yea, me….He’s just a pussycat.”

But Beets quickly replies, “Oh, I don’t think so.”

Lastly, Beets reveals that his final secret to success is to “just do it.”

“That’s not f***ing dreaming big, that’s just doing it.”

“Gold Rush” fans will see just how much Beets and his crew make happen during the latest episode of the show.